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Pocket Pistols Are Not For Self Defense: North American PUG

This is not a comprehensive review. North American arms did not send the PUG here for evaluation. Now what I would say is that this pistol is very well made; However, it is a backup’s backup gun. What I seek to do in this video is to give you an idea of the characteristics of the firearm, and what the capabilities this little micro .22 Magnum mini Revolver brings to the table. Through this we can support the premise that pocket pistols are not for self defense. The North American PUG is a fun range toy but If you choose to use this for concealed carry we highly suggest that you attend a real training course and spend less time playing PUBG. Subscribe to our channel on VSO Apparel: VSO Gun Channel VSO Patreon The VSO Gun Channel is an educational resource of VSO Media LLC, a research and development/ Testing Evaluation firm. VSO is not licensed to sell firearms, is not in the business of selling firearms, and has never made a dime from the sale of a firearm. Nothing VSO publishes should be misconstrued to support the sale of Firearms, components, or accessories. The VSO Gun Channel serves as a common sense, educational resource promoting responsible gun ownership and safety particularly for young minds otherwise negatively influenced by a fundamental breakdown of our society. Do not allow the Gun Culture to be suppressed. Join Our List Serve If you are interested in VSO’s services you may submit an official inquiry via email to info AT VSOMedia DOT org


Colson Customs says:

I think the black widow makes a lot more sense. Longer sight radius and a little more barrel to squeeze what little fps you can out of 22 mag.

shojus says:

This is what the democrats and RINOS are gonna have us carrying after they strip all of us of our 2nd amendment rights!

Nelson Roller says:

Don’t Ohio have a law that when you carry it has to be in a holster that covers the trigger or zippered bag.

SHADOW says:

..does it take glock mags?

swampthing401 says:

I carry one when I go running. it's a force multiplier, it's not the optimum self-defense tool. but if you use it as intended, it will definitely do the job.

Dylan Barnklau says:


Payton Woodruff says:

And I thought PUBG was 100% realistic…

P G says:

In a WROL this would be a lot scarier when somebody who is Gut Shot has no Internal Surgery available. Like back in Pioneer Days when you got hit with an arrow?

mozzberg says:

Step 1. Pull out revolver
Step 2. Put revolver into perps face
Step 3. Cock and pull the trigger
Step 4. Repeat step 3 if necessary

Adam Weatherall says:

I like the ginger version of you reasoning for buying the gun…meh. He makes me happy, good video.

ulf lyng says:

4:20 did i miss something…..two of the same???

ksztyrix says:

It's better backup gun then no backup gun

Tadicuslegion78 says:

Pocket guns this size no way, and yet pocket guns have made a comeback and being pushed with a bunch of options in .380 and 9mm

Mike Justice says:

You have a twin brother?!

Minnesota Guy says:

This must be satire. No one carries a NAA 22. Try a pocket 380 or 9mm. And the fact you have big dots on that tiny thing shows how much of a try hard tac lord you are. Either that or you have a funny sense of humor. In that case you got me.

Anchor Bait says:

Who would have a worse day? The bad guy trying to mug me or me trying like hell to shoot the bad guy with that tiny gun? They are equally sucky.

Ken Helmers says:

Now what about that 410?!?! 🙂

Ken Helmers says:

A bad-breath distance defense gun

Hobo Bob says:

Had one exactly like it…sold it.

stanly steemer says:

A pocket 380 like a lcp will work. It’s good to have a gun on you that you will actually carry.

59BigWalt says:

As I thought, your adversary must be danger close to you in order to be effective. Congrats on the wedding.

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