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Philadelphia Defender Does Not De-Escalate

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Clifford Bodine says:

Defending your ego: It's a philly thing.

RJ Clark says:

Did she spit at the guy?

Kyle says:

Eagles fans or Group of Irish people ?

Christopher Harris says:

Philly PD couldn't find this guy even if he turned himself in lol

Mark Sloat says:

First dude coming up to help looks like he has weapon

Pw America says:

city of brotherly love
whatever that means

KM says:

The guy acts like he has no brain, literally. His brain played no part in stopping his fist from assaulting that woman. These leprechauns should be so proud.

por schelep says:

She should have left it alone and be satisfied that the wannabe and his buddies are soon to be 'drive-by' targets.

Abel V12 says:

This is why people are racist

OldSchool Jeremy says:

I dunno, I think if she'd OC sprayed him she'd have had to spray his 5 friends too 'cause they'd have been coming for her.

Brandon Fisher says:

I’m just shaking my head

Zach theDiver says:

We learn to fight so we need not to.

MrShaiya96 says:

Why are people still killing and robbing during a pandemic?

Dan Banks says:

They were from c.j.s click on grove st.

Willam Munny says:

City of Brotherly love…..sisters? not so much.

Thang Knowa says:

Thug was leading with the wrong foot for a punch.
He telegraphed to Her "Bitch slap is on the way".

neurosis333 says:

He also violated the 6 foot coronavirus rule.

Scott H says:

What a piece of shit, put your hands on a woman over words. Bitch.

Anthony Crenshaw says:

John I love your videos, but sometimes I wish you'd block commenting. There are comments with racist undertones and others with outright comments. It's disheartening to read, we know this guy is a coward and a punk but videos like this give these racist folks a platform to say " Oh of course he's black, it's what they do". Not all black people are like this.

John Dickinson says:


Andy Griggs says:

1:08 Green hoodie nears door right hand reach for right side waistband + left arm downward cross-over motion
1:12 Makes adjustment w/ left arm downward cross-over, right arm remains fixed extended
1:20 Imprinting right side bottom sweatshirt then "touch check" w/ right hand (final 2 frames)

Kobies Boxing says:

It's like what the late Kenny Rogers once sung: "You got to know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away, and know when to run."

Mark Daniel says:

His five friends were worried that one on one might not work out for him.
Even if she were a black belt, six criminals will win.

Occam’s Razor says:

Philadelphia the city of b̶r̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶l̶y̶ l̶o̶v̶e̶ pretty good sandwiches😌

TheJose Miranda says:

Who's the she 👀???
They both look like 🚹 men….

tredigi says:

Looks like Philly is a shit hole.

Last Exit says:

can't blame the lady. The VERMIN of America get away with way too much.

michael1973two says:

Looks to me dude had to come up and stop him for doing something he would regret. You can see him look like telling him what the fuck wrong with you.

Jay says:

Scum of the Earth

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