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People Who Killed Someone In Self-Defense Share Their Story

Redditors who killed someone in self-defense, what happened? Did you get blamed for it? (r/AskReddit) Binge watch r/AskReddit ► Background Music ► Outro ► Thanks for watching!


αѕтяσαιяιѕ says:

The one with the abusive boyfriend wasa fucked story.

MeatHook says:

Nobody should regret killing someone who is trying to kill them. They weren't the one who decided to attack an innocent and supposedly unarmed person. It wasn't their fault it happened, so they shouldn't blame themselves. They were only doing what they had to do in a situation they didn't ask or want to be in.

JPence14 says:

NOBODY should be going to court or let alone jail for self defense! Don't wanna die? Don't commit a crime against someone!

Andres E. Gomez M. says:

I feel bad for those two who lost 4-5 years of their life when they clearly defendes themselves. Fucking judicial system

Meme Sauce says:

change background music you normie

Shi and Jay Lugo says:

"I should have tried to perform First Aid, but I just stood there and watched him die"
I friggin laughed. There's something wrong with me

Marco Felix says:

I have a feeling the slow mo guy is rd3

Grandpa Yellow says:

How dose someone go to jail for self defense????

FeetusDeletus says:

Link to original post

Marco Felix says:

Uuummm ok…

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