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Parking Spot Dispute Boils Over

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TheAarondl says:

Why did the body builder walk up on the guy? I mean give me a break, they are in a heated argument and that guy escalated by closing the distance. How about yeah sorry Im in your spot, were moving now. The end. Bathrobe dude was in the right imo.

Flash Light says:

That thug should be lynched. Thugs should not be allowed to have guns.

Martin Herrera says:

This is where you’re wrong John, 1st off I bet you probably have never been in A fight in your entire life. So let me tell you when someone walks up on you like that, especially a body builder, that means he’s about to try and knock you out 👊 age/size All of this will play factor in court. He was responding to a deadly threat with a deadly threat. lol the tough guy got what he wanted.

416jr says:

The judge got fired and lost he licence to judge due to him giving bond to dangerous Criminals … this is not his first

Paul Barrow says:

Wo be tied if he said a bad word though… his life wouldn't be worth living but shoot someone over a parking spot and he gets to go live right back next door to those victims

Lost in Reality says:

Body builder guy shouldn't have pushed for an issue for such a small issue. Now his life is changed forever and the other dude is already back to living the good life. Goofball had the family around too…..I ain't fighting no body builder I'm shooting

Anders Malmgren says:

This is why carry laws are a bad idea

Patrick Boland says:

No traffic or parking dispute is worth putting your life on the line.

k says:

The guy is fully dressed under the bath robe. Trying to look like a school shooter. Ide say that shows he only put the bath robe on to hide the gun

Tina Marie says:

Aggravated assault!?? are you kidding me!!! I got charged with aggravated assault and battery for hitting someone with a freakin shoe when they were actively attacking me at work! This was attempted murder! Total bullshit!😒😒

Keith in AZ says:

Nice shot actually. 👌

TacticalStrudel says:

Bathrobe dude is unhinged but bodybuilder dudebro did posture up on him. Doesn’t justify the shooting but stupid nonetheless. I’m gonna assume anyone who comes outside to get into an altercation while wearing a bathrobe is crazy.

TacticalStrudel says:

That mother is an idiot.

Ryan Campbell says:

My brother was shot by a black gay woman with his 8 year old daughter holding his hand and is paralyzed. She pursued and stalked him until he turned around and she shot 4 times. Her bail was 50k. She claimed self defense. The entire thing is on video.

Dextet King says:

When I lived in NYC back then a lot of people went to Jail over parking spots

shaftmasterlathes says:

One dummy with a gun and two dummies without a gun. What could go wrong? Uh, looks like everything.

Ryan Campbell says:

He wouldn't be facing anything but the asphalt if I was there

Llama Bahama says:

out on bail… privilege much?

Liam says:

Brendan is fat tho.

Centerfortyfive Center45 says:

Buddy shouldn’t have closed the distance and advanced on him if he didnt have any points to prove he wouldn’t have almost taken the parkin lot temperature challenge … SIMPLE… i bet he’s low balling his doses of pre work out now lmao

Centerfortyfive Center45 says:

Seems as though you forget abt all that keep your space talk and closing distance when the colors are contrast here “host” also buddy was big billy bad ass when he saw his slag and kid… he didnt care and wanted to prove a tough guy point and got put down like the bad doggy he was… I bet he’s much more humble and will be more mindful of who he gets into jaw jacks with… good job defending yourself and your rights for your parking spot because yes if they are reserved he has a right to correct him and we all know caucs dont like being corrected….

Joe Covarrubia says:

Out on bail? Hmm crappy judge

bd se says:

I need a good trauma kit

Brian_T says:

Look, I get it, you do the best you can in these situations, but no amount of situational-awareness and de-escalation can account for some crazy asshole.

Durag Vince McMahon says:

This like a month old. Saw the wife on our local news cast. Their just neighbors that dont get along. It's wild

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