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Hey beautiful people just showing a quick last resort self defense option just in case you need it. Enjoy.


krazy45cat says:

FYI the shell adapters have to be modified to fit in that style of a flare
gun . Gerry

ammohead73 says:

I sure as hell would NOT want to be shot with one!!!

georgeterro says:

iv been looking for one of these at are walmart but like every thing at are
walmart out of stock… no ammo no flare guns wife’s pissed now to cause
they ran out of tampons hahahaha 

albatross497 says:

So you can get those at wal mart?..And how much are the shells?

smilemoney says:

Not for home defense… fire may be a certain drawback.. HOT HOT HOT..

RIVER_CITY_TACTICAL (midnitesi) says:

should put together a homemade gel block and pop off a round in it to see
what happens

tommyb211222 says:

Hey JR is it safe to dry fire that thing ……lol

MrBrandonannette says:

on the adapter front to put one them in to a flare gun with out a tax stamp
break the law and make it a any other weapon class, if I was going get one
I would get a polish or German one all metal and will last a lot longer but
they a good thing to have and I should get one for my bag 

Prepper BugOutBags says:

Cool story, thanks for sharing.

craigcsu07 says:

Nice info thanks!

CanadianPrepper says:

I Have 2 Of These Flare Guns. I Was Searching Online If I Could Use It To
Shoot Someone (Thats Threatening Me In A Bug Out Situation , Orion Did A
Video On How Weak These Are, It Cant Enter Humans Its About A 65 Pound
Punch :p

Doce Mendoza says:

I think you just started a flare gun panic buying. I’m getting mine
tomorrow. Lol

The Daily Shooter says:

LOL Good shit

Stan Richardson says:

Hey I’m from Indiana! Go with the 26mm steel surplus ones much stronger and
only about $50

GunGod556 says:

I got one of those and painted it black, I put it in my camping bag if I
ever get lost.

MrSfinn9mm says:

I have the same flare gun

Teba weba sheba says:

Is the drawing today?

Dish bronson says:

Cool, I have one of those!!!!!!!!!!!

long13hair says:

i have always wanted one . great video.

SweetWillyJonez says:

Over in the lil neighborhood I grew up in a biker took one of those and
shoved it in a guy’s mouth and shot it… killed the guy. I always
thought that must have been a painful ass way to die. There is alot of
viable options to get tha job done and believe that criminals know just
about every one of them

IndianaOutdoors says:

Indiana guy over here

MrBulletpoints says:

Please show the weapon is safety checked and put your finger in the
chamber… C’mon man! How you gonna do a flare gun video and not blow stuff
up?… :-)

TheRCVlog says:

Very cool. JR, every time you show a gun that you use, I want to buy it

jumbojet187 says:

Hey iam in indiana and i need too buy a flare gun

metaltrooper62 says:

Those things are bad ass for just being a piece of plastic. I’ve been
looking for one but they’re always sold out. I’ll find one eventually lol.

Derek Cruz says:

Great vid brother!

cokc23p36 says:

A very informative video Bro 

boyinblue823 says:

Nothing better, signal for help or kill someone.
Hell.. kill them then signal for help.

GunCrazy81 says:

I would not want to get hit by one of them. Thank would f:>>>ing hurt

Mateo Rivera says:

Ay yo I’m from Indiana

70smithjd says:

Indiana rocks!!!!

Pistol Pete says:

A guy showed me this years ago…. they are legal!! They will burn a hole
in you! Walmart has them!

eltenda fabrizio says:


derplinkster says:

Kool little bit if history there also doesn’t ctd sell adapters for .22lr I
have seen them advertised on the monthly catalog .George watch out women
are crazy u know lol…

504 Dirt Dart says:

That flare gun laughs at your puny 50-cal Smith! lol

Texas Jedi says:

Great vid! I have one in my bag with 2 inserts. Small and compact and
multiple uses!

atvrider028 says:

Sweet I could see it working in a situation if its all you had. you should
take it out and shoot it. Peace bro 

hancock brewer says:

You know why the birds fly upside down in Indiana? Just kidding form a Ky
boy! :-)

MCKwilly says:

yessir from Indy…

gun nut says:

My oldest sons name is Orion. There are actually a good bit of ppl that
have collected flare guns for a while you can get metal ones for like

rls303 says:

Those are a blast!!, not sure how well they work in the middle of a drought
“if you know what i mean, lol 

Plumpy E says:

Yo what up Jr Dugal Im one of the Indiana Boyz !!

Teba weba sheba says:


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