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Oregon Store Employee Trespasses Agitated Visitor

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Blue Oak says:

Thanks to your videos I’ve learned so much! I’m making an effort to be more aware of my surroundings and to always carry pepper spray wherever I go.

Bruu uuhhh! says:

Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.
Today was a good day!

RL says:

Podcast. Awesome!!!

Will Perry Guitar Instrumentals says:

Ehh.. all the space in the world? Watch closely how he’s backing up straight towards the biker in what seems like a complete rush to simply move parking spots. A future customer of 711 is riding a bike to his store, what happened to patience? He almost rolled over the dude, and if the biker didn’t swerve… !! That being said, I highly doubt either of these people practice yoga/mediation or have high levels of inner peace. Sometimes you gotta know how to talk to strangers like they are your best friend. My local 711 dude would never do this, lol!

NorCal MTB says:

Another crazy bum on a bike.
Every town has them.

OldSchool Jeremy says:

I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like

trencher with Chicago typewriter says:

I would have beeeeeeep my horn that would have caused him to crash you know that it would have startled him good one.

OneEyed Mike says:

I used to love visiting Eugene in the 90's. Lots of friendly, cool and beautiful folks. Now? It is a meth and heroine filled shithole. I wouldn't blow my nose there.

Rdwrer says:

"the rough part of Eugene is a redundant term" Haha, as an Oregonian I fully agree!

susan wortly says:

This is not a 7-11 event, and this guy was not on the clock and was heading home, when he almost hits a pedestrian with his truck in the parking lot and wants retaliation for a smack on the hood of paint peeling $300 ancient Chevy Blazer by the guy almost hit with his truck. Then in a verbal confrontation as he tries to engage his 7-11 authoritarianism while unpaid by this employer, he draws a weapon on the guy with threats physical felonious assault on an unarmed potential customer. Great when they can leave the audio out of their videos, too. If 7-11 seen this video he'd be fired and applying at Circle-K.

Voyaguer says:

not worth losing your life over a loser bum on a bike… just let it go and see your family at the end of the day

Creative Mind says:

I have to get me a baton.

User 1 says:

don’t pull a baton out that close to someone you got no leverage at that distance

LowDefinition says:

Man i know im fucked when i get an adrenaline high and get all shaky and out of breath just watching this, and this is one of the more tame vids on here! If i was ever in a bad situation id prob look like im gonna shit myself tight away.

Nick Garnero says:

Eugene and all of the I five corridor is getting so bad.

watchguy79 says:

I live in Eugene. Is this on HWY 99?

Martin Castillo says:

I live in Oregon and the people here are intitled assholes in general.

A B says:

Gotta make sure the podcast guests are real and not lying!

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