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On the Christchurch Shooting | When Self Defense Is ‘Not a Valid Reason’

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Matt Christiansen says:

We'll discuss more on Sunday in addition to all the week's news, live at 9 PM ET: Have a great weekend.

NELSON X says:

Gun laws disarmed the 49 people that were mass murdered. Gun laws did not disarm the psycho that murdered those 49 people.

JD says:

One of the great ironies of this argument is that in New Zealand (and in most countries with similar laws) the bulk of the population agrees with the laws that disarm them. As tragic as this was, I'm not going to worry about their right to self defense when they agree with their government telling them that they shouldn't have that right in the first place.

Gregory Tymkow says:

We have banned hurricanes
Hurricane happens
We need more hurricane laws

Jordaan Te Whata says:

First of all as a New Zealander you are so disrespectul and secondly nothing is going to stop our government from tightening our gun laws, your views only create hate and New Zealand era are the opposite of that

Michael McHaney says:

The good lord will be banning evil before too long ✌🏽

Earling Garrison says:

Video showed military precision. Mossad.

Roy Smith says:

Arm Muslim immigrants? This would definitely not fly well in the long run.
But I agree with your overall point. I think mosques should have multiple exits, they should design those in such a way to expect attacks anytime, from multiple people at the same time.
The more muslim immigration occurs the more this will increase. I read his manifesto. Sadly, a lot of people might buy into it like they bought into Mein Kamph.

J.C. Denton says:

Why there was muslims in NZ to start with? I blame muslims at 100%

You Can Cook says:

I’m sure this is more to do with climate change, or Donald Trump.

Mary A.Cavatica says:

curiosity has the best of me to… But I can't find the footage.

Ed Ed says:

It seems that to the left, their right to be slaughtered is more important than our right to live.

Michael Cook says:

Just want to say..Fu€k Elizabeth SOCIALISM Warren.

Mark Houghton says:

I live in the UK. I am not allowed to defend myself. Here we're not even allowed pepper spray. Yet criminals and religious fanatics can get their hands on lethal weaponry. If shit happens the police will not defend me as it'll be too late – but they'll be there to draw a white line around my body and fill in the paperwork.

Andy Richter says:

The NZ gun laws are almost identical to Canada’s. If the police think you’re getting licensed for self defense, they will not license you.
Most people that shoot someone in self defense in Canada go directly to jail.

NPC Knuckles says:

The shooter was an accelerationist. Your show, Matt, frequently promotes accelerationism.

Andy Richter says:

…. except the gunman was a legal, licensed gun owner. I guarantee that NZ bans all guns. Period.

… and that’s what the shooter wanted.

Josef Stalin says:

Remember lads, subscribe to pewdiepie

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