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Officers Have Very Difficult Backstop to Stop the Threat | Active Self Protection

These New Jersey officers were taken on a 10-mile chase and took fire themselves before it all ended here in Atlantic City. This is the definition of a difficult backstop, and a suspect that was on PCP, but they still had to stop the threat.

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Raw dash cam:

Local news:

More on the perp from his family. He was very troubled:

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Active Self Protection says:

Everyone, please listen to the narration carefully. The perp here was high on PCP and took multiple torso hits without so much as flinching. That caused officers in the moment to think that he was wearing body armor and take more shots than we might think they needed to. This is doubly so in light of the perp firing his gun at officers at a roadblock just a couple of miles up the road. In light of the totality of the evidence and what they faced, nothing they did was criminal or wrongful.

Charlie Harper says:

Just curious.. where's that audio you promised? Lol

Also, even with the backstop issues, this guy was a threat to society and obviously wasn't going to stop til he ran out of ammo. At what point do you decide it's probably worth taking the risk and firing before he kills the last 10 people still residing in AC?

thisTexans POV says:

perfectly fine by me, 100% justified!

BurnedSpace says:

damn they put like 20 shots into him even when he was down

Pedro Smith says:

"the threat was neutralized"  I'll say.  About 100 shots earlier.  Excessive, but at least that's the end of this filth.

Chris Carrera says:

When he came outta the car shooting the cops: could've made a good movie poster haha

Brandon Floyd says:

What an intense situation, they dumped some rounds into that man.

neckarsulme says:

good job taking the garbage out….as a bonus the tax payers won't have to support this waste of oxygen for the next 40 years

backstabher infinity says:

pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop "cease fire"
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop "cease fire"
pop pop pop "cease fire"
pop pop "cease fire"

Marshall welsh says:

The car is like, “Screw this, I'm outta here!”

scs tactical says:

for police in usa stop a threat means kill that guy

Randy Crawford says:

This reminds me of microwave popcorn how it pops really fast at first and then slower but there's still those pops every second and then just one every second and then just one more, and one more, and one more…

Maryck Linn says:

thug life. dead man thinks he's "ghangsta". New Jersey sure is a crazy place to raise the kids. Especially with gangs knifing eachother. why does everybody hate each other so much?

Johnny Kaldani says:

Black lives; martyr.

Hansa says:

Now that is what I call overkill. 🤣😂😬

Bones Khan says:

Jesus! Should we keep some pcp in our emergency kit?

merc2 life says:

my very first thought too was body armor.

Arbor Jake's Tree Service says:

Question for anyone with knowledge of situations like this. Would it be better to try for an elevated or prone/kneeling position to change the trajectory of the shots? I know it is not really possible in an actual gunfight taking split seconds to unfold but in the "what if" and hypothetical world, would that be better? I always think of that when I'm in a crowded place like a movie theater or a busy department store. Obviously if I was the immediate target I wouldn't have time to consider it but if stopping a threat that I was not targeted myself but others were? Just asking and looking for insight

madlit says:

Seriously just filled that dude with rounds

grant Diggs says:

PCP does NOT make you like this. PCP will have you stuck

H. I. McDunnough says:

It's sad to see so many ppl on here taking sides with this criminal who was high on pcp shooting at police officers. I for one am glad this man was taken down. This is one less man who is going to get into a shootout in the middle of a highly populated area. I'm very thankful that innocent ppl weren't injured by the perp or the police. That man made a decision to smoke pcp and shoot at police officers. He made a really bad choice and paid the ultimate sacrifice. Don't do drugs and shoot at police.

William Prince says:

I estimate about 45-50 Rounds wound up in or through him. Seems a bit trigger happy. So it was thought he had body armor so we are going to keep shooting at the body armor. The moment he was flat shots should have cease or slowed to a few is my opinion.

CMF says:

Damn, they lit his ass like a Christmas tree.

Rabid wolverine says:

Them sandles tho!

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