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Officer Calmly Handles Crisis Situation With Unstable Man

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P M says:

Extremely well train and respectful and excellent tactic.

P M says:

Sadly criminals in california, tend to have an entitle mentality making things extremely harder on officers.

Patrick MacFadden says:

Police are human beings who are no more expendable than any other human being, and have the Right to defend themselves. Psychotics can flash from relative calm to homicidal mania in a nanosecond. Having had extensive experience with persons in psychosis, I have compassion for people with mental illness. Remember, the Officer is not enacting punishment,he is defending his life and that of those around him. That said, let's cure mental illness before we spend money on a voyage to Mars!

ms moon says:

Such patients, restraint, understanding, mild mannered attitude, relaxed body language, using good descalation tactics like calling this guy an endearing name like buddy, man, and asking please, no aggression at all, & Impeccable use of this officers training it's on full display, WOW! It can be administered when the suspect is white. That's why FBI statistics show that cops are most likely murdered by white people Vs black People, (YEAH YEAH GOOGLE IT ). In my opinion its because they trust them and give them the benefit of the doubt. A black man would have been brutalized and handcuffed as soon as he opened the door possibly tasted, and if he brandished a knife, the cop would have emptied his clip in him, center mass going for the kill shot, he would not have gave a d*** if it was a knife or stick, I WAS IN FEAR OF MY LIFE, You all know the script. The admitted felon was not even handcuffed after he was shot, the cop actually rendered aid, I was Gobsmacked! It Would'tve been a trip to the hospital it would have been the morgue for the black man experiencing a mental crisis. Get mad at my comment if you want too, the truth is the truth, just because this is not your reality doesn't mean it's not someone else's.

JUSTINcredible Tours says:

This officer was definitely one of the best I have seen, he may have taken training in negotiating or mental health or is just very experienced. GREAT OFFICER!!

Hariman says:

This is heartbreaking, even with the officer being damn near perfect throughout.
We need more officers like this, and we need more officers in general so the burden is spread out.

Dmae Hedges says:

Mental illness is such a bummer for those who have it and the others in the community. I hope both the officer and man suffering the mental illness are ok and safe.

Sir Plus says:

Taratino movie

Robert Izo says:

This officer is EVERYTHING I was taught to believe that police are. If anyone knows his details, please respond here with that information. I'm teaching my kids to be amazing lil humans. We hope to recognize and celebrate this individual as an officer, a human and an American.
If I can't get the information I'm looking for, please know, officer, my family will learn from, celebrate and follow the excellent example of how to be the best person we can be.
We appreciate you

Extreme Minimalist says:

Everything right? Are you kidding me John!?
That officer knows the knife 🔪 is in the bedroom, right? And this officer allows the 51/50 to wall back into his bedroom, right?
And low and behold 51/50 pulls the knife on the officer, right John? And officer Right then shoots his 51/50 for the paid administrative days off, right John? How was this all right?
Rule #1 Never allow the threat to get close to the weapon after it’s known about. = F grade

Byron Harano says:

W&I 5150 call are always dangerous right after domestic violence calls.

Travis Craig says:

Absolutely boss. Should be training every cop, every where.

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