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Off-Duty Stops The Crime Before It Starts

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Luc Longly says:

reconnaissance! 🤦‍♂️

Eire Saoirse says:

Wow that was good shooting…

Nick Moolchan says:

Good shooting, cause he could've shot other ppl…..n it was a good job by that officer

Chmee says:

11PM on New Years Eve 2018. Damn, the robber didnt make it to 2019

Fouronesix 82 says:

Love hearing when these fucks take the room temperature challenge lol

weerobot says:

Soo much nice Booze…

Neil Gregory says:

Gotta acknowledge the challenge of this situation. 15-20 yards with the display case in front of the criminal. Only unobstructed target was upper chest and head. Poor marksmanship or technique is not excusable but this was a tough shot.

Hangos Getalada says:

good entrance Mr.Rob see you in Hell😂😂😂

Robert Evras says:

Wow! That guard was so lucky not to have shot any bystanders. Appreciate your great analysis John.

mosin9105 says:

Definition of SPRAY & PRAY! Sure don't like seeing that coming from a cop. Come on boys, let's get some more training!

jwb 281 says:

Perp should’ve been polite and let the customer go out first
U rude u lose

jakep1979 says:

Damn an hour before new years.

Eli Diaz says:

How the guy in the blue shirt gonna run to the robber 🙄😂

IWishIWasKelly Slater says:

20 bad guys dislike this video. 😂

kokizag says:

Wow that off duty cop was gona take that guy out and any one else that got in the way.. I can't believe he jus started shooting like that😱 that place was awfully crowded

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