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My personal story of self defense – a tale of the importance of edc

By request: I briefly mentioned my story of self defense in the Trayvon Martin case video I made, and a few responses asking to expand on it, so here you guy…


SilverBullet 92 says:

I was raised in Brooklyn and have 2 combat tours under my belt……I can
tell you right now if some punks try to rob me, the last thing I’d do is

Just because YOU are a pussy doesn’t mean EVERYONE is.

Erik Diaz says:

Go George Zimmerman ,!!!! A hero of American gun owners and self defense
rights !!!

petsitterlinda says:

I think you’re a summons or subpoena server

Silver State Arms says:

Ya sound like IRS but could be a local security guard either way it’s not a
big deal, what is?
“I won’t carry everyday cause big brother says so, or I might lose my
What your advocating, which is being carried by 6 instead of being tried by
12 of your peers.
It’s not about race, belief or creed it’s about defending YOUR life and
going home to YOUR family at night.
Seems like you haven’t learned about self defense even with this
Put simply, you should have been armed, but in that same sentence you
should not have taken a life for being pulled out of a car. I know that
folks in most neighborhoods do NOT want cops there or said attention
because they are normally criminals. Kinda tells us you were doing
something so bad to their way of life (their way) that they took action.
Which all could have been avoided if you had not been there.

*Just my .02$ from what I understood of your “encounter” I wasn’t there and
you didn’t state that you had a right to be there.
This is my opinion and speculation given small details.*

Kent Nauman says:

Also consider a Fenix PD35 flashlight as a 850 lumen strobe weapon and
impact weapon in left hand with mace in right hand. Also how about a 2 oz
tear gas canister even if you yourself are not wearing a mask? Also almost
no one gets shot in the back therefore turn your back prn.

miceryt111 says:

amen brother. move out of new york if and when you can. it’s so true that
you have to train train train so that when you are faced with fear, you
still operate rationally and effectively. the evidence is clear it doesnt
matter who you are when you are faced with mortal danger people often turn
into blithering jellyfish shitting themselves and running away (unless they
have trained). evade, escape, warn, avoid…do everything you can do avoid
using force but once it is necessary use it viciously and don’t stop until
they’re down or they will get up and finish you. criminals don’t care.

crispers702 says:

I think i know what he does.. but im sure his not a probation officer,their
allowed to carry guns well where i live of course. Im sure he doesnt do law
enforcement because most of the time they are given guns by their

Tripp Griffin says:

One minute to dail 911?

Justin Brown says:

So we know your a repo man in New York….

Chuck Cadman says:
Hans S. says:

A marker…….or a dildo.

Andrew Larson says:

i bet that youre a car repo man.

djoliver7 says:

There is a difference between ‘can’ you carry and are you ‘able’ to carry.
If I am working in shitty areas, I am carrying, fuck what my employer says.
If I don’t ever use it, great, they will never know. If I do need to use
it, my job is my second concern.

Billy Pike says:

Or he works for the power company

Rami Sulieman says:


Kyle Kessler says:

you need a small fixed blade that wont close on your fingers.

Eric Mesias says:

I think I will carry two batons, my house keys, my wallet, and a flashlight
is this good enough or do I have to carry something else please give me
your opinion

Dwain Henry says:

I vote for repo man…..

Technogizguy says:

I agree with the assassina one

ced parker says:

i am pro ccw but i think you are missing that the right to self defense was
treyvon martin’s.

gregdepot says:

How they gona know or is it a felony? Its a felony for me to carry at work
but they atleast got check points with M4s

Leon Strocen says:

better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!!

Ken M says:

You from Buffalo? That’s where I’m originally from

NewHampshire Bound says:

Holy crap, I cant make it past 2 minutes. One doesnt need a degree in
public speaking to make a youtube video. But your speaking style of
constant pauses is unwatchable.

Not8upwthit says:

Lol adrenalin can be a bitch, it has the effect of making the simplistic
task all but impossible. I’ve known people to throw up from intense
adrenalin (overload if you will) that’s why LE and military train train and
train some more. Without some muscle memory and a plan, you’ll likely be

k55k1015 says:

All the people trying to guess what he does for a job I can promise you he
is not law enforcement of any type, I would guess social worker. All the
videos that you make on educating people on personal protection, guns and
that type of stuff, I think it would only be fair to tell us what type of
training you have in this area. After watching a few videos and hearing
this story I have a pretty good idea of your background as far as training
and real world experience in high risk situations. I think you owe that to
your subscribers, they should know how you got your knowledge. With all due
respect I don’t think you would do very well in prison so maybe you need to
stick with the oc spray or tactical ink pen and leave the gun at home. I
hope you shock me with this amazing resume of high speed training and real
life experience but you owe it to the people that may be learning from you
to tell them where your knowledge comes from. 

Howard Johnson says:

Thank you

The Big Bad Terrorist says:

Repo man…

captquest1 says:

Always carry and stand your ground. Keep a gun safe in your car to keep it
in when you go to court or wherever you can’t carry, then put it back on
when your out. You have to train to deal with “panic” or fear and respond
proficiently. Read more Masaad Ayoob stuff like Stressfire. Practice Combat
Focus Shooting or other “defensive techniques”. Just as in your experience,
your instinct tells you when there is real danger and reason to fear for
your safety, that’s when you have the right to defend yourself.

mario vitaly says:

assassin ?

Linda Rock says:

saw guys but didnt have ur car door locked this guy is clueless

talonvi says:

This notion that if you’re caught you could lose your right to carry…our
Constitution exist to remind the government that you cannot lose that
right. The only reason we are required to get permits to carry is because
of compliance. Unconstitutional laws are not laws.

Ten DoubleMike says:

He`s obviously not a Police Officer because he would be able to carry in
court. He would be allowed to walk around the metal detectors. I`m guessing
Process Server…??

Russell Chang says:

What do you consider “suspicious activity”?

Ram Gar says:

lol you need to grow up man.

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