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My Body My Choice? Yeah Right! | Guns & Self Defense

The phrase “My Body, My Choice” is thrown around in many areas of life, and US culture says women get to choose …. EXCEPT for guns. Why is that? What is so taboo about this important topic? Especially as woman, why should I ever have to change my mind about this? Pro-gun or anti-gun – this is hearty food for thought. ••• ▶ Subscribe For More! ▶ ••• ▶ Support This Channel Become an official member in supporting the 2a & freedom, Sign up at: ▶ or if you prefer paypal, click ▶ (be sure to indicate a recurring subscription payment in order to get full benefits!) •••• ▶ CDC Report (forbes article): ••• ▶ California court case article: •••• Watch more videos! ▶︎ Http:// Join in the adventure! ▶ Http:// ▶︎ Http:// For more info, shooting articles, and videos visit ▶︎ ◀


Kirsten Joy Weiss says:

Is it really your body, your choice?
Or should it be someone else’s choice when it comes to self defense?

christianoutlaw says:

And just as a minor side note, am I on the only Glock 17 user out there that shouted "YES!" when Kirsten said "Glock 17 with one in the chamber"? 😀

Stephen Deac says:

I say protect your body regardless. My wife has access to firearm and knows how to use it.


Kristen you are so right in all points. The problem is the politicians feel they have the right to tell us what is best of us yet they walk around with armed security. Lets make so they can't have any body guards and see if they feel the same way. I dislike anyone who thinks they have the right to tell us how we are suppose to live. Thank you for standing up for our rights to protect ourselves they we choose to. I love you and your videos.

DodgeGuy67 says:

You need to be the voice of feminism not those pink headed pink hat wearing retard whales, not only are you beautiful, you are well spoken and very intelligent.

Pat Putnam says:

Perfectly explained. Thank you.

Would love to see the unedited version. Lol I can tell you really wanted to ramble a bit. It's ok, believe me. God knows I do when this comes up.

Give Me A Smile says:

What a woman. 😏👍

Wade says:

Right On! I Agree 100%

Jason Carpenter says:

I agree, I want every advantage available to protect myself and my family.

Eric da' MAJ says:

Totally agree you should have the right to choose how to defend yourself. And anything else to do with your body. It sounds fun to legislate things for other people – until they turn it against you.

Edit: California gun owners went on a spending binge to buy "high capacity magazines" in the week before the same judge reinstated the ban until it went through the 9th Circuit Court appeal. There was a method to his madness though. By reinstating the ban, himself he made sure the 9th Circuit Court didn't do so themselves. And that they couldn't confiscate the newly purchased magazines until the appeal won (which it might).

Greg Barilla says:

Kirsten, thumbs up clicked at the first third of the video. I am 100% behind you on the statement you made here.

The Kentucky Patriot says:

Keep fighting the good fight! It is our God given right to protect ourselves and the ones we love!! 🙂

John Gross says:

Thank you Kirsten for the commentary. You are right of course, hoping you change at least one thinking persons mind.

Adui13 says:

Kirsten; you already had my utmost respect. This post increases that respect a thousand times! Thank you SO much for such an honest and up front post on this topic

creepingmee says:

Can you imagine being one of the 41 retarded assholes that didn't like this video?

Jeremiah Massie says:

“…to end the situation.”

pijnto says:

In Australia we have the thing be pushed "my body my choice" However it is unlawful to arm yourself with anything for self defence

Samuel Noble says:

100% agreed

Mark Chase says:

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Short term move to a State like Utah, longer term Vote Correct.

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