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Multiple Home Invaders Caught On Camera

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roger rabbit says:

This is why I recently bought a DP-12. Takes care of all the zombie's


Damn they need some 5.56 rounds raining down on them.

Edward Newman says:

Change the title to seen on camera

AyeeRahjah says:

I have a boat paddle behind the door

JusticeForSome says:

" And what do you have staged for your home protection and do you think it's enough?"
…oh yeah, I'm good. 😏

Jennifer P. says:

The home owner needs to reposition his's nearly useless set up like that.

Marvin Van Loon says:

This is why I carry big rounds that do a lot of deep work behind enemy lines, good luck to your wish vest.

Nick The Grip says:

Pistol is always on me or next to me at the ready and an AK47 ready to go.

private information says:

Steel framed entry doors and hurricane proof your windows. Roll down hurricane shutters are also a good investment.

Keep it 100 says:

Send this video to Ca Doj

Joseph Sollender says:

All I have is a remington 870 express magnum 12 gauge with an extended tube full of 10 rounds of 00 buck, hope that's enough.

†JΔY† says:

0:45 that one guy jumps in the pool and his hat falls off, If its not to wet maybe use if for DNA samples?

GeraldPUR says:

An extreme worse case cenario right there. A planned robery* AR is the recommended wepon of choice for this kind of situation however a good security system would alert of the comming danger. The owner is to blame here. If you have valuables at home is your responsibility to prepare for this kind of situations**

MrKissfn1 says:

This is why I use armor piercing ammo!

Mack says:

Aim at belly button and downwards it's easier than headshot

Paul Booth says:

2:31 this guy's so scared he's tripping over himself

Paul Booth says:

That body armor not gonna help you unless you been running miles in it at my house.

Kavon says:

Damn they came to do business

Anthony Akers says:

If you fight this one your pretty stupid imo I think it would be best to comply.

Kevin Lew says:

“Remember, every gunfight is open division and you get to bring what you have to that fight.” -John Correa, ASP

Rodrigo L. Dos Santos says:

My bank manager spent 30 minutes debating me the other day saying that "military style weapons shouldn't be legal" and "people don't need to own AR15s"… I wish I had this video at the time to rub on his face…
Also, who has external doors that open inwards?

Stewart Jackson says:

In the words of Joe Biden.. "just buy a double barrel shotgun"

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