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Muay Thai Clinch for Self-Defense – Street Fighting Techniques – Learn the Muay Thai Clinch for Street Fighting and Self-Defense Fighting. Great for MMA Clinch Fighting.


MrAaronch says:

Add a little shock, smash his head into your shoulder when throwing the
clinch on.

jofhill1066 says:

Once you grab his head and force it down look at his foot positioning.

Flat and shoulder width apart.

Straight leg kick up the bollocks.

Ok yeah I know he’ll wriggle, but you can always throw a kick bounce knee.

Muay Thai is awesome, but a lot of what you learn is ring fighting. I love
my Muay Thai but I’d kick him in the knackers first.

Bob Jones says:

What if he punches you in the nuts?


Oh wow what a tremendous explanation this is just the basic of clinching 

MissJudithWalker says:

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MaD Mike says:

good video but when you said to hook into the muay tai clinch if they know
how to fight ( kinda like me ) wouldn’t that just be pointless?

nathan barbaran says:
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