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Most Painful Self Defence Techniques Tip – COMMANDO FITNESS CLUB

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Abhinav Chauhan says:

This is the best

Richard Daniel says:

This is nonsense.

Texan Football Houston says:

Man things go alot faster in a fight just go what I know take downs but it's nice some of these moves kick to the ribs is good tho I done that with cowboy boots 👍💪🤣 just playing around it was funny

tyler durden says:

Never …never…turn your back in street fight ….never

Boquet Samuel says:

Plz what is the artist and song name ?

Aryan Goswami says:

Some techniques should keep secret not for public.. They will misuse it so called criminals

Luiz Carlos Ferreira says:


Juud Chimaoge says:

I shoot from a distance! Just saying! You won't remember shit in a street fight, accept if fighting daily in the streets is what you do!

Gabriele Gabriele says:

Ahahah ha is very funny video 🤣🤣🤣… But is fake 😜😜😜😅😅😅

ağır başlı says:

Can you do this kind of action against a UFC fighter?

Rick Sanchez says:

I guess some people never participated in a real street fight

Paul Ackerman says:

2:23 ,,,,,,armlock, spin, choke hold….opponent immediately begins slapping himself in the balls.

I desire this fighting style….

Veeresh Tharak says:


ChrisT4 Edwoods says:

Thank you. For the lessons 😮

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