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More Black Women are Buying Guns for Self-Defense

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Alex Perez says:

this would be better if the tittle said just women

Barbara Streeter says:

Guns are the great equalizer. If a rapist has a knife and you have a gun, who might win the fight? Kudos to this woman. We have a right to protect ourselves whether you like it or not!

Barbara Streeter says:

What are these women supposed to do when attacked…pull out their insurance cards and say "this is my protection"? How stupid is that? They are under attack in their own neighborhoods and should learn to protect themselves. Many women are not protected by a "knight in shining armor" but rather find out he's an "asshole wrapped in tin foil". Kudos to these women! Protecting oneself is true empowerment!

bswitza says:

Who here is actually shocked that this liberal shill supports "polls" regarding gun violence and restrictions, but is willfully ignorant to statistics showing the exponential rise in single-parent households (54% are mother only) in the black community? Government services and health care stops rape, apparently.



Paul Edwards says:

when are these people going to realize that gun control don't work for Crooks this guy is just batshit nuts

Bright Future Create Future says:

Tony think women need people to protect. NO women need to protect ourselves

MrThumbsofThunder says:

what a dumb argument…all the health care and good paying job does ZERO if accosted for rape or worse!

Adi Dunn says:

It's a misconception that African Americans do not commit mass killings like the Navy yard shooting in Washington, D.C. While the number of black mass shooters is low, they do exist. Here's a list of seven black mass shooters.

Colin Ferguson
Ferguson opened fire on a crowded Long Island Rail Road train in 1993, killing six people and injuring 19. In his pockets, police found scribbled notes in which Ferguson expressed his reasons for the shooting — including a previous arrest. At the trial, Ferguson's lawyers used the "black rage" defense, claiming that Ferguson had been driven to insanity because of racism and could not be held responsible for his crimes. Ferguson was sentenced to 315 years to life in prison.

Omar S. Thornton
In 2010 Thornton had been called in by his employer, Hartford Distributors in Connecticut, to be disciplined for stealing inventory. After signing a resignation agreement, Thornton opened fire, killing eight people before turning the gun on himself.

Maurice Clemmons
Shortly after being released from prison, Clemmons shot and killed four police officers in Parkland, Wash. Clemmons managed to evade police for two days before being shot and killed by officers in Seattle.

Nathan Dunlap
Dunlap shot and killed four people in an Aurora, Colo., Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in 1993. Yes, the same city in which James Holmes opened fire in a crowded theater during a screening of Batman in 2012. Dunlap was sentenced to death, but Colorado's current governor, John Hickenlooper, delayed his sentence indefinitely in May 2013.

John Allen Muhammad
Muhammad, better known as the "D.C. sniper," was the mastermind of the 2003 Beltway sniper attacks. Over a period of three weeks, Muhammad and his protégé, Lee Boyd Malvo, killed 10 people. During the trial, prosecutors surmised that Muhammad had planned the killings in order to have a cover for the eventual murder of his ex-wife, Mildred. However, that theory was thrown out by the judge, who stated that no clear link had been established. Muhammad was executed on Nov. 20, 2009.

Lee Boyd Malvo
At 17 years of age, Lee served as John Allen Muhammad's accomplice during the D.C.-sniper killings. In his confession, Lee said that he and Muhammad planned to kill six white people in order to "terrorize the nation." Lee is serving six consecutive life sentences without a possibility of parole. 

Christopher Dorner
Dorner's killing spree shook the Los Angeles area for nearly a week. Over nine days in February 2013, Dorner killed four people, including three police officers, and left three injured. In his manifesto, posted online before the shootings, Dorner recounted the racism he encountered while working as a Los Angeles Police Department officer and the firing that he deemed unfair. Dorner died of a self-inflicted gunshot during a standoff with police.


Gun sales just skyrocketed after this guy .

Concerned Citizen says:

Antonia is a wonderful spokeswoman for the 2nd amendment. She's a wonderful role model for young black women, and for all American women. I'd like to see this gentleman make himself safe in Chicago using healthcare or equal pay! I also highly doubt 90% of people want gun control.

Joe Duke says:

He's stupid, just like nearly all liberals… stupid. If there was a second topic that should have been covered here, it's black males having a predilection for violence 6 times higher than white males. In fact, if any of you search up the FBI crime statistics you'll find, the number of rapes by white men perpetuated on black women are almost none. Seriously, less than 1% of rapes of black women are by white men. However, 50% of rapes of white women are by black men, even though demographically blacks only represent 12% of the population. This means OVERWHELMINGLY!… this black woman is buying a gun to protect herself against black men!… so this black liberal guy, and his totally warped BS perspective is quite… hypocritical and deceptive.

Ed Johnson says:

Joel Payne in Ass … phouck you! You are a low life lying democratic strategist! We The People are done you criminals! PHOUCK YOU!!!!!

บุญทวี ทวีบุรุษ says:

6:27 wtf Idiot example actually happening anytime look at euro i have NO Word for this bullshit UK police fucking CUCK
if they want strong police (POLICE FORCE ON OWN NATIVE CITIZEN) will be only benefit to political not a people who is live under here! and is almost any country ruining by Leftic CUCK and "" yeah carry a cop heavy than carry a gun.

Pure Jefferson Culture says:

Democrats are against Women, Blacks And People empowering themselves.

Marie Fremlin says:

I think guns for women is great; however, with all the ginned up racial hatred, I hope this doesn't become an excuse for racial violence. Training programs should be mandatory.

Tom Zmit says:

this guy is an ass health care REALLY after their dead? right! ra uu uuu uuu monkey talk I heard a jack ass spoke once oh did i call this guy an ass oops my bad Willard Lentz had it right! monkey

David Pandone says:

Joel made the case in this segment that 'access to higher education' could support less need for potentially destructive means of protection. Yet, with college indoctrination of liberal views, support of victimization, political correctness, and moral superiority ruling the broken emotional snowflakes, they seem to be escalating and justifying their hate and violence through their philosophy. And we're supposed to give up the means to protect ourselves? I think not…

Bo Lloydgaming says:

love this woman she hard on this left-wing people. keeps it straight hard will not stand down. thank you. so glad I found this channel. Real News, real people 👍👍👍

John van Heerden says:

Harvard poll ?? Since when is Harvard the source of Truth on the mean streets where criminals roam?? WTF !!!!

Redneck Kristopher says:

Police ARE 45 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME ON A SUNNY CLEAR DAY. When it snows COULD TAKE 6-7 HOURS. Leftist morons!

lecajado says:

This guy!!! See how liberals think? They are thieves of people's freedom.

Willard Lentz says:

Joel is an idiot Guns save lives Libbies don't want this also he talks like a robot
When seconds count the Police are only minutes away

@c30f$p@d3z says:

The government cant be RIGHT THERE at the MOMENT someone is trying to attack or kill you. The idea that citizens should be expected to try and outrun and dodge rape, harm and murder until a state approved life defender arrives, is not only absurd …but is a supreme display of dangerous (through absence) self preservation qualities.

Look, if that (the above) is YOUR natural state of self preservation, those flat out $#!t traits have no right to harm or kill anyone beyond the people that are carrying said instincts. In short, stupid people dont have the right for their stupidity to endanger and/or kill anyone beyond THEM.

A firearm is the maximization of ones ability to defend their life on a personal level.

2) CONSTANT deferral to government does not create a strong, self sufficient and 'empowered' citizenry. It creates a population of dependents. The more you cant or wont do for yourself, the less capable you are to stand on your own, for yourself. This means you are lesser-than as a support for other people, and will not have the qualities necessary to face some of lifes greatest hardships/challenges as a singular person.

Donald Parrott says:

Personally I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

k r says:

I choose a gun instead of insurance to stop a rapist

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