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Monty Python: Self-Defence

How to defend yourself against a banana!


DLBot2016 says:

What if I’m attacked by fresh vegetables?

Ben Cooney says:

Well, he was attacking me with a banana!

FREKfrek1 says:

I was shopping today, and I was surrounded by fruit!

Thank goodness I had watched this video and had a gun, a 16 lb weight, a
tiger and a crocodile on hand. Otherwise I might never have survived.

Joseph Hall says:

Now I know how to defend myself when I encounter Ray Comfort and his banana

Andrew Wainwright says:

Great to hear Python are coming back for a little while, did anyone see
press conference? was funny. I always found John Cleese at his most
funniest when he is going nuts.

Altair Ibn la ahad says:


Boyd Jefferson says:

You put an ad on a video that you didn`t make. I hope you die in front of
your children

Christian Arreguin says:

or waht if hes got a banana concealed by a pointed stick

Cassie Bancroft says:

This is one of the rare sketches that is better in the film…

pinkaholic30 says:

which one?

sirstrongbad says:

How amusing that there’s a google ad video for Firearms Training right
under this…

Daniel Saxon says:

@MercilessGiraffe shut up!!! 😀

Novazi74 says:

Yeah, yeah, you try that with a pineapple down your windpipe! Pineapple?
WHERE?! WHERE??!! WHERE???!!! Oh well I was just saying ‘pineapple’! Oh
brother I thought my number was on that one!! What a pineapple?!
WHERE????!!!! WHERE?????!!!!! No no I was just repeating it!!

Joiner113 says:

This is england at its best 😀

SmOsHeRgirl says:

LMAO point-ed sticks i love idle!

44Winterwonderland says:

@splod89 Wait.. Defence isn’t the american spelling.. No wonder I got that
wrong on a spelling test.. damn..

Pian Pawakapan says:

12 people got killed by bananas

Incognito Na says:

how can he scream for so long… must’ve been edited alot

Novazi74 says:


sporeaddict056 . says:


JessicaRabbit1011 says:

@ardelfilm that is how you spell it you nut…

pupgirl65 says:

“YOU SHOT HIM! You shot him dead!” I love Monty Python!

Toby Ijbema says:

@ardelfilm well-learned xD obviously

MonacoBlast says:

Oh shit! Hilarious!

Dad Gummit says:

yeah i watched the clip too.

MrBauchnabbel says:

pineapple WHAT WHERE??

thomsmells says:

No way, this one’s way better

Tony Dai says:

woody and tinny words

Mike Andersen says:


dantheman45678 says:

NO gun? no! No 16 ton weight? No! No Pointed sticks? Shut up!

helperguyz says:

No!! Why Not? You’ll shoot me. No I won’t. You shot him. Yah well that was
self-defense! AAHHH!!!! I fuckin love Monty Python

addylewis says:

6:10 – nearly pissed myself the first time I saw that!

Iquil88 says:

pinaple?? WHERE WHERE!!11

MrSojazz says:

he’s completely dead

Thoren Walsh says:

im guessing the class started with about 30 people

Nikolett Molnárné Németh says:

Silly silly silly.

Alec Nichols says:

What if hes got a Bunch??? “Shut Up” What if hes got a pointed stick????

Samuel Lombardo says:

2:54 never bring a banna to a gun fight

b0ogi3m4n says:

haha its awesome

Incognito Na says:

So have you.

Jeffrey Jeffson says:

mangoes in syrup lol

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