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Man Who Pulled Gun On Portland Protesters Found Guilty – Self Defense Or No – You Be The Judge

To see the whole unedited video click the link below. Footage Credit To Mike Bluehair To read the full story Click Below
Concealed Carry Holder Wrongfully Convicted For Pulling Gun On Portland Protesters


Tricia says:

Total self defense. Figures Portland Liberals would find him guilty.

ED M says:

What Do Expect From LIBERAL JUDGE❓

Karl H says:

I don't have access to the details of the trial. A report from a local TV station said that he had 120 rounds in several clips in his pockets. I don't know the validity of his claim that he was present as an independent journalist. I think we've all seen activists on YouTube making this claim when in reality their aim is to create conflict for capture on video. So it is realistically feasible that he claim of being an independent journalist was not given credibility by the judge.

Assuming that factored into the judge's decision to some extent, you can't antagonize people and then claim self defense. Not even Florida's Stand Your Ground law notorious among the gun control advocates will permit one to do that.

Fuji Wuji says:

Clearly self defense.

Jay Pea says:

fuck black….lives matter

mrtodd3620 says:

If you take out a gun, you should be prepared to use it, not just wave it around.

Ray Williams says:

What was he guilty of? That was a mob and they were being very menacing.

bubba says:

Hopefully it is just a slap on the hand.

Ed King says:

Guilty? I don't know this isn't enough to judge a man by but having just this information my impression is…

1- That did not look to me like it was a friendly group of people, if they mean no harm then why the F**K are they covering their faces.
2- The Liberal mayors and State Attorneys in America have created this culture of violence and accepted it as a substitute peaceful protests. They have come as far to accept looting, violence against LEO and opposition as "patriotic" civil disobedience and even a form of expression protected by the 1st amendment, and these are their words, not mine.

I have no doubt in my mind he feared for his life. However, it is also very possible this man should not have been out there alone to begin with, he does not look to me like someone who can take on any crowd and not give off the scent of prey. His body language gave the call to the wild, "hey I am easy prey, I'm scared"

He is not made for that, he doesn't seem to have composure to show the self confidence, absence of fear needed in that environment.

I've looked at this man's still picture and my opinion is this man should not have been out there alone, he was way in over his head.

David Hicks says:

To hell with these "protesters".  They are going to start getting shot.  They are very aggressive and threatening.  I do not care how many of them go.

joshuadyche says:

A man has a right to not flee. An armed society is a polite society. When you put your hands on another human, that human should be able to shoot you

Rehkopf's VIDZ says:

You should've shot the motherfuckers

Lord Draconia says:

They were bum rushing him and they broke his arm last year. He should have done more to flee though.

Slayer says:

Let a bunch of violent subhumans approach me in a group and harrass me. They'll be dead quick.

Joerockhed joe rockhed says:

Im so tired of hearing about libtard judges!!! This guy was well within his bounds to draw a gun. These anti Trump people have proven themselves time and time again to be violent. I would appeal the case until I won.

JoeyRamonAllones says:

The man was in fear for his life. A clear case of self defense. He was outnumbered and in fear for his own safety.

poptoppup says:

absolutely self-defense he should have dropped a few of them to make sure they knew he was serious. I live in this fucking state it's scary if you're not allowed to protect yourself if you're protecting yourself against some Thugs. There's going to be an epidemic of high velocity lead poisoning in Portlands future

jake foster says:

Looks like self-defense. They're wearing masks holding sticks. I'm still waiting for those idiots to get in front of my car. I don't break for morons.

azcowboy1963 says:

Dead men tell no tails. The video feed speaks for itself and this showed showed extreme restraint. I would suggest the the libtards quit before someone else does not have the same tolerance level for perceived threat.

Ruben Ramirez says:

Must have been in California or New York

Sislertx says:


Prox lime says:

Self defense. My brown ass would have done the same in that situation these antifas are retarded

Pattypat says:

We will hold them back???? What are they going to do to him?? I don't blame this guy. Hundred people with "flag poles" and masks on, yelling at me, walking aggressively up to me, I'm pulling my shit too. Seemed to keep em at a distance for the most part.

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