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Man Suffers Head Injury After Gas Station Robbery

Please thank New Way Ford for bringing us today’s video of Man Suffers Head Injury After Gas Station Robbery! New Way helps people all over the country find the right new or used car at the best price with incredible service. We bought Mrs. ASP’s 2021 Bronco Sport from New Way and I am a satisfied customer. Let New Way give you a quote on your next vehicle purchase at News stories: Raw video: Like and subscribe to our Active Self Protection Extra channel for more lessons on topics like Four Corners and the Color Code of Awareness: ASP Sponsors and Recommended Products: If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support making videos like Man Suffers Head Injury After Gas Station Robbery? or gives the details and benefits. Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Attitude. Skills. Plan.


AceKiller9000 Warzone Vids says:

Tennessee Tophat

Sun of Saturn says:

I’m done feeling sorry for people, if you look like lunch meat don’t be surprised you get eaten.

Dreadnoughtus says:

He gets hit 5 times altogether. 1 Initially and then 2 lefts and 2 rights. Then the hit from the floor. Hope he gets well soon.

Steven A. says:

How do I send you a video? I have a good one

kansasguy67060 says:

Did u get a hair piece or did u get a perm??????

Michael Zukerman says:

Perp is LEFT HANDED. Punches w/left fist.

Ricardo Averion says:

I was in a situation similar to this however I handled it differently. Just as I got out of my Chevy Suburban, a man appeared suddenly around the other side of the gas pumps. As soon as I saw him, I yelled at him to stay away from me and I yelled at him "I don't know you." The individual immediately stoped his advance. He said I am just asking for some money. I said NO I DON'T KNOW YOU GET AWAY FROM ME. GO ASK THE OTHERS. I obviously kept my attention at him and he turned and walked away. As I finalized my purchase and returned the pump hose back to the pump, I noticed the individual start to approach me and I yelled again, " STAY AWAY FROM ME. I DON'T KNOW YOU". Throughout my time filling my truck, I kept vigilant awareness of that individual. I am a Filipino and I know they prey on foreigners because they see it as easy targets. I just made certain I was clear with my commands and made the other person know I was observing their moves. I know the situation could have got out of hand but stayed calm and stern.

Kamtzy says:

Always good seeing a new ASP video, hope you and the fam are good John, same with Mike 😌

psilocybinmushijuana says:

New hair lookin good

TheRotorhound says:

This guy needed more than pepper spray.

jason felan says:

I would have thought the gas station would have better cameras but I understand it isn't something mandatory for companies to have. Maybe it should be instead of buying more cops? Don't know just a thought

Motion Sickness says:

YouTube employees and leadership consider the criminal the victim and they fully support him. They are aiding and abetting and financially supporting this criminal and all the other ones that are running around murdering people. Same thing with every so-called big tech company.

anthony charles says:

I had a dude hit me up yesterday evening for ten bucks for a bus ticket to see his dad in the hospital. I've heard that same sob story too many times before. When I said I couldn't help him he started yelling cuss words as he walked away: "Nobody'll fuckin' help me!" I don't know if he lived in my apartment complex or was just passing through.

Downest Foo says:

This is why I always for one pump gas during the midday where it’s busy and safer and never without my gun on top of that I always sit in my car while I wait on the gas

C M says:

I left somebody’s trachea and a vertebrae or two laying at the pump once, quick surgery with the 10mm.

BobVog says:

I was going to say something about John's new hair style, but then I remembered that he is always armed and has significant empty handed skills.

Oscar Lèmus says:

The guy in the truck was like ugh ugh im out😅

A O says:

Someone got out the shower in a hurry to do this video

DoseReviews says:

John looks like he is getting that perico 😂

Mr. Deez says:

ive come to learn that theres just people out there that assume evil doesnt exist. I've talked to people who believe they just wont be attacked.

Micks says:

It just goes to show that real monsters are out there. I mean who would cut someone's hair like that😥

Ben Lindsey says:


cowbdave99 says:

Lifetime member

cowbdave99 says:

Like the hair dude. Sexy.

Emm W says:

There's a gas station near me. Their are 2 guys that go around asking for cash from people. It's 2 different guys on shift so people don't catch on. Next time someone does that shit I will call the cops. They saw me and didn't even approach me. They asked some other guy. It's hard to call the cops on them though because what laws do you break by asking for money? If the store doesn't trespass them.

wtmf80 says:

That hair, though!

456eec says:

In a previous ASP vid at a gas station the victim hosed the perps with gas. It was a very effective strategy. Shame this guy doesn't watch the channel.

Derrick Whittaker says:

You know I was jumped a few months ago by a couple of punk kids who didn't like that I wouldn't ever sell them tobacco products. My spidey sense went off before it happened but I fricken ignored it. They came rushing up from behind me as I was walking to the front door.
Their little p*ssy punches didn't hardly do anything to me, it was the initial push and me falling onto one of those concrete parking things that did the most damage. Gravity is an ass sometimes.

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