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Man Holding Daughter Regrets Not Checking His Ego | Active Self Protection

Parents MUST consider their children in their defensive planning; this man who was holding his daughter certainly regrets not checking his ego and getting into a fight that cost him dearly!

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News story:

More details on arrests made:

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something to say!!! says:

The people who where trying to get the child away knew what was going to a dad or mom but dont be a loser and out your kid in danger..ego calm down

Jeff Nielsen says:

the only person in this vid that did anything good was the man trying to get the child away. everyone else is a loser piece of shit. sorry for the language.

Leonardokite says:

Stupid meets stupid and stupid LOOSES!
Also, it's beyond me how viscous humans can be for ego and pleasure.

Ironman1965 says:

I start shaking from watching this, and I am not talking about from being scared. Lord help anyone who did that to me, they would be would be better off killing me.

Eric Does stuff says:

He deserved a beating for putting his daughter in harms way.

mcallen bell says:

22-year-old Devon Lee Premer. Deputies arrested Premer Tuesday night. He is being held on a $50,000 bond at the Jefferson County Jail on charges of first degree assault, second degree assault and child abuse.

mcallen bell says:

Joel Michael Wilson, 31, has already been charged with first-degree assault with extreme indifference, second-degree assault with serious bodily injury and child abuse in connection to the fight that broke out at 10:10 p.m. Jan. 25 at the Crossroads Pizza & Wings Bar.

Noe Lopez says:

I'm not gonna lie I don't think he should have been beaten that bad but I do agree he should be slapped around for putting his daughter in danger

John Carter says:

If he had previously released his child, he could give the first blows, and had better come from it, but still the bad guy, s more or less respect the child

irvinelover says:

Do you think that if the guy that once attacked by both men had a knife on him and pulled it to defend himself would have been justified legally? I carry a knife with me 24/7 and had I have been that man both men would have felt the steel from my blade!!!!!

Marty Bugg says:

He's clearly an idiot. That said, any guy who teams up two on one against a guy with a kid in his arm is a cowardly scumbag. These two need to be removed from society.

champy1210 says:

These men could have really used a proper dose of lead therapy. Who the ** punches someone with a baby in his hands?

MrCrumb34 says:

What a terrible role model for that little girl

ibkillah says:

There's giving an ass whooping and then there's attempted murder.

This verges on the latter.

Z Tree1 says:

The whole lot of them appear to be lowlife trash. Hope the judge throws the book at all of them.

Tink Ertime says:

Gotta have a license to have a dog, but any ass can have a kid!

64PINK256 says:

has anyone else noticed that trashy, nasty fat women under 30 have that awful 'bun on top' hairstyle?

Bringer of Storms says:

Too bad the dad didn't catch those knees to the balls before having kids, he's too stupid to breed.

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