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Man Disarms Robber And Gives Him An Educational Beatdown

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christopher chisholm says:

I still don't think it was a great idea to chase him, as these lessons often show there may have been accomplices or he may have had some other tool that could have been a problem

Jacob Clark says:

Unrelated question. Does anyone know if there are any restrictions pertaining to a legal ccw having a lazer sight on the pistol? In the US naturally.

HR Pufnstuff says:

Educational beat down? If someone has the time can you please tell me when it happened? Was it before or after the perp received the two half hearted kicks? Well, I suppose You Tube may have censored it because it was just too violent.

Adarsha Dhungel says:

Ayo!! Detroit Urban Survival Training really works man.

Eric Effert says:

Short and sweet today lol

trickhealey says:

Do NOT tickle my ass with a feather. I was promised an educational beat down. Yes I got some well executed self defense, but that beat down was far from educational. It was more of a pamphlet for a place where the perp could get information on where to attend such a seminar where he would receive an education. Perhaps a light informational message hinting at education. Appreciate this defender protecting everyone for sure, but man, it was only a feather.

Joshua Vega says:

John wick disarm followed by good old fashion kick in the ass lol 😆

shsu justice says:

That was NOT a beatdown. I was expecting a beatdown.

Red King says:

Lol 😂. Great

Drakence says:

Even if it wasn't fake, man's just snatched that like it was nothing

xiao bao says:

That kid is going worship his Dad forever!

Josh Cathey says:

where is the kicking the tar at?

Jay Viktor says:

That was an attempted beat down. I am disappointed…

Ben Pamer says:

if he wasn't already a superhero to his kid he is now.

ReadTheShrill says:


Corn Dog Shaun says:

"Man disarms robber and lets him run away"

Deleted Comment says:

Gimmie that! 😂

Cactus Flower says:

That kid got the memo! He saw,and took off! Dad barely had to look at him.

Mr A says:

Great disarm, weak "beatdown."
Love seeing how some people act so quickly! Good on him

Steve Salinas says:

Man! I was hoping to see a real ass kicking 😩

Virvum Juggernaut says:

Pity the gun was fake, because anybody whom pulls a gun on a man and his child deserves the business end of a working gun.

Dubh Sith says:

If you're "risk adverse," you still need to be smart enough to do something that actually helps.

Benji Purrincho says:

I saw the gun pointing to the kid while the dad was disarming the criminal. He better be sure what he was doing.

Beefy Mcwhatnow says:

What beatdown

Darin Traver says:

John that was a great video !!!
Kicking the tar out of him might be stretching it just a little.. he got one kick in and it was to his ass … lol . But did love the owners reaction !!!

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