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Mama Bear Has to Take Evasive Action Against Sicario

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Colin Immelman says:

Her vehicle would have been an excellent weapon.

Steady Cuzzin says:

If I seen something like that going down and I'm one of the drivers behind this guy. Best believe I'm running him over at full speed and going in reverse, then back to going forward. Maybe go back into reverse and forward one more time just for the heck of it lol.

G *O says:

Too bad she did not swing left and mow that guy down. He could have just been a speed bump in her day.

aboutmillions 49 says:

Fuck she's thick. I wonder if she wants papers?

Notthefather says:

Mama bear? Sorry, bears are fiercely protective mothers.

She was more like a Mama Kangaroo.

19UnoUno says:

So according to the original story, the motosicario snuffed a motorcyclist that witnessed his attempt on the SUV's occupants. Quite the chain of events.

loco chang says:

can anyone tell me how to turn off the comments from appearing on the full screen videos? I'm not talking about comments on a live video, but the regular comments. They keep appearing on my screen when i turn my phone sideways

Naomi M says:

I think that was an elderly woman left behind…

Milton Moore says:

Now if THIS lady had not wrecked out and disabled her vehicle and had chased that would be assassin down and run over him and his moto, I doubt if
many viewers would have objected, as was the case in the video of the run-over job yesterday
involving far less justifying circumstances.

VAL13C says:

Americans watch a video of this happening in Mexico, and believe this is normal everyday life. I lived in a beautiful big city in Mexico at a nice community for 3yrs. Life was just as normal plus comfortable and seemed the same as living in the states. Language and money was the only difference.

intrepido says:

She had a 2020 Honda CR-V..very rare in Mexico..which makes me wonder what's her occupation..or who's her husband.

The Hoxhaist Bodhisattva says:

Damn.. Alejandro's getting old…

Diemos322 Jones says:

I'm pretty sure that is the mom's mom left there. . Can't you tell from how much slower she moves and how she's a short, gray-haired woman? I'm watching this on my phone.

VAL13C says:

That was not a car jacking or robbery. That was a failed hit put on that woman. And a coward woman leaving the kids behind as she ran ahead.

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