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Long Beach Officer Uses His Vehicle To End Deadly Threat

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The gardener says:

Dang. Can a civilian do that without going to prison? What about those BLM & ANTIFA idiots attacking and pulling people out of their cars and beating the crap out of them, sometimes killing them?

Sharky's Machine says:

Gun shot wounds and hit by SUV,… talk about a bad day

SharknamedBruce says:

Let’s get to the lessons: don’t be a sociopath, and don’t bring a sawed off to a car fight.

Troy Scott says:

That’s some GTA stuff right there. Personally I love it. Saves the tax payers so much money.

Jason Sharpe says:

“The perp definitely did not make it” well yeah😂😂😂😂😂😂

Aiden Deegan says:

I’m more Squamish with a gunshot than a car hit

Ruben Padilla says:

I haven't seen that tactic used before.

Robert Taylor says:

Looked like the cop was just going to head to the bar or something after hitting the guy, he just kept going.

Willfrye1980 says:

Good. Glad the cops are ok

Ken EE says:

Great job! Next?

Andre Barros says:

well i just saw a car coming fast and suddenly no guy in street xD

Alex Duke says:

Ho, Lee, SHIT he put that dude in low Earth orbit

Buick Regal says:

Real life GTA5

snipers unite says:

That car was deadly force there is no discussion

Lee Rogers says:

Hopefully it was from the car.

Juanes O. says:


Buick Regal says:

I want to see the camera footage from the Rocket League cruiser!!!!

Scooter Michigan says:

ROADKILL!!! Officer did what he had too. No problem with it.

🎃 says:

That was so satisfying, I almost came

Grim Chuckles says:

Rrrrrrrammming speed!!!

Tennessee Scratcher says:

Yes definitely under arrest

jamie whitehead says:

The audio from the vehicle cam was cropped over. The real audio was kenny loggins Danger zone and the officer yelling Danger Zone before war crying.

terril says:

very good thinking

Alfa Sierra says:

From Wikipedia in search for state of necessity under criminal law: (In the criminal law of many nations, necessity may be either a possible justification or an exculpation for breaking the law. Defendants seeking to rely on this defense argue that they should not be held liable for their actions as a crime because their conduct was necessary to prevent some greater harm and when that conduct is not excused under some other more specific provision of law such as self defense.) Perfectly legal for a Police Officer or even a civilian to conduct such action. Although I will not recommend it to any civilian unless no other route of escape.

Jim Bird says:

This is not self protection. Do not teach civilians to approach crazed people with guns (even in a car). Police have their own training. There are ZERO lessons in this video

Sneakers Otool says:

was that a ufo

phil S says:

If it was your child he just shot. I think he would be into my windshield also. Support the blue. They have families to go home to also.

texasgiants says:

What an Outstanding PIT-Bull maneuver!

Jer B says:

he was just peacefully protesting.. WTH.. lol

Nonya NoNya says:

Straight Grand Theft Auto!!!

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