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Las Vegas Officers Respond To A Man With A Sword

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Active Self Protection says:

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Tony Hughes says:

Glad I was not in that gun fight. Very lucky no officers were not here and friendly fire.

WigsVids says:

Time for some serious training ASAP.

Matthew Bair says:

All these guys went home n bragged to everyone they were in a big gun fight. I like how the one cop uses the others as human shields

Odiesclips says:

Hell, Dick Cheney could've taken that guy out!!

Hamburger says:

Dumb cops. Shoot 80 rounds in a apartment complex. And how stupid is it to stand behind another cop and swing guns around pointing them at the cop there hiding behind. Some real bad police decisions here.

jambajoby32 says:

Damn lol no wonder they want to defund the police they’re useless AND they waste precious, rare ammo 🤦🏽


It would of only taken a quick sideways movement in the Congo line of police as the officer at the back shoots for this to become an officer on Officer shooting. Cannot believe they shoot with mere inches to spare in movement in front. Not Good thinking. MOVE TO A BETTER POSITION!

Theunofficialresults says:

Everyone wants to be the hero.

Greatest Ever says:

“ do you wanna coke “ 😂😂😂😂 u funny john dude made up his decision from the get go cops did a good job other than the cop pointing his pistol at other officers that shit was cringy

Mr Perfect says:

How about working on the marksmanship

george a says:

the cops in this video worked as bad guy extras in a rambo movie.

john serra says:

Storm troopers ….

kyle bauer says:

Jumped to the comments soon as I heard 80 shots and only one glanced the .22

Herb Manning says:

Do cops ever NOT mag-dump?

stoner27th says:

Pro tip: Just keep shooting and use your partner as cover.

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