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LAPD Officers Pull Up To A Crime In Progress

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Dano says:

This was an extremely rare chance to roll up on a violent felony in progress and take out the perpetrator instantly upon arrival.

Mark Bautista says:

White cop saves black man’s life from another black man with gun.

Still, they protest.

Walt says:

In my opinion he put those ppl in danger, specially the ppl in the white car, luckily he didn't hit them too.

paschallhouston says:

This robber is the type to cheat on a scantron test sheet and skip a line on accident doing it. What luck😂

Keven Salazar says:

Thank God these angels were there to protect and serve, even though the community they protected weren’t grateful and rioted.

Tristan DeCoulson says:

the guy was playing a practical joke 🙂

B says:

Well done officers

Jordan Brown says:

Protesting!!!! Wtf is wrong with our society . all these privileged idiots don't understand sacrifice and appropriate force.

Jolo Sarmiento says:

he's black and that's all that matters so of course there's gonna be protests

mastersnake42 says:

There are only so many times you can protest an obviously legitimate shooting (with zero knowledge about the incident) before the average person will tell you and your movement to fuck off. Enough with this shit already.

Paul M says:

Great shooting, great end result and no 3 meals a day Jail tax dollars to pay. All round perfection. Give that cop a promotion.

Victor Garcia says:

This is truly noteworthy. The police have an undeniable 100% perfect record for showing up after the crime. This is the rare lucky exception that proves the rule.

KenEA says:

So they protested, what? That the police possibly saved multiple lives and stopped a crime before it started? What about the people in both cars, didn't they stand up for the officers? WTFck. 😕

John TSANG says:

Oh god bless that police. They saved life those people.

Datguy_eddy I-G says:

Why is this being protested?????


Should have just kept driving by… Screw all of them , let them kill each other.


8 days a week????? What

Aamir Gujjar says:

Who's dislikes may be criminals

Giovanni Zambrano says:

You should teaches us a lesson when the Trumper stormed the capital and Ashley got shot lol


Feral humans have only one future and this guy took that choice to the grave.

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