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Joe Rogan on Learning Jiu-Jitsu for Self Defense

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1280 w/Michael Yo:


Stoney Badger says:

Thoughts on a solid folk/freestyle wrestler vs a jujitsu? Personally thrown down with several jujitsu guys and faired pretty well, is wrestling over looked or is it just me?

My Account says:

10:15 Isn't Joe describing the scene from Limitless where Bradley Cooper knew how to fight from watching Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris films.

james garish says:

Being a normal person fighting a black belt in BJJ is like being a worm in an earth quake.

Steven Scummy says:

The 80s and before that had a better fight scene honestly, I'd rather see the oldschool standup boxing fight or alley brawl rather than some cock smoker taking someone to the ground and ground and pounding or doing some submission lock. There's no such thing as a big movie based on the ground and pound submission MMA combat, it's unasethetic, that's why everybody except Brock Lesnar and Connon McGregor are making 10 thousand a year and working side jobs

Metal Steel says:

I once went to school with a kid that thought he was bad-ass in BJJ. He picked a fight with someone and got some kind of leg-head-lock going on. But then he got bit in the balls and i swear he screamed like the biggest bitch I've ever heard. There are no rules that says you can't bite the balls if they get close in a street fight.

Jonny Sac says:

Joe is a Fucking Homo

brian yvr says:

Judo > BJJ

Johnny Kool says:

Joe “I avoid confrontation” Rogan…until I decide to hit you with a spinning back kick and rupture your spleen

pocket change says:

better not underestimate a guy like Wesley Snipes…

pocket change says:

train jiujitsu 2-3 times a week for 1 hour and stand-up for another 3-4 hours per week…jiu jitsu gets you way more tired in one hour than I thought…I started jiu jitsu in 2001

mike tamayo says:

There is bare-knuckle fighting try that in the ring . no gloves . or a race car driver sucks with no helmet?

Carlos Guillermo says:

I'd really like it if someone as good as Joe at interviewing (maybe a real life version of Roe Jogan) did an in-depth interview with him about all of his martial arts career. From taekwondo to kickboxing to jiujitsu to seeing first hand the evolution of MMA. I'd like to hear his thoughts on all the nuances learned from those. I find his obscure past in taekwondo and kickboxing specially interesting. And just as a side note, it's kind of interesting that even though he was so accomplished in taekwondo he seems to have more good things to say about jiujitsu. It'd be fascinating to hear his opinions about which one has more spiritual benefits for practitioners.

MrCander000 says:

There is some serious truth to Joe's words.

Donny Rickles Jr. says:

Oops. Thought he was talking about competitive eating, chew jitsu.
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matthew mahoney says:

someday in the near future everyone will no how to use the all around fight game just from watching it like peaple have done with boxing.

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