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Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: How to cut and stab with a knife

SUBJECT: The 10 knife angles for any fight PURPOSE: To learn how to use any edged weapon NUMBER: 6.01 Primary Striking Directions SECTION: 6 Primary Striking…


SoWeMeetAgain says:

“backwards” is a really stupid thing to put in there, just to make it
“different” from the usual 9 angles. The attacks you showed as “examples”
were at best still number 1, coming straight towards the enemy. Or
something like 10/4.
Whatever floats your boat, many people buy your stuff… if that was a
valid point but it is not.

VingTsunFANATIC says:

Today YouTube taught me the best way of stabbing people. Who know what
tomorrow will bring?

cafu8012 says:

Great upload! Thanks! The sound? It’s sh.t. Sorry.

Richard Benoit says:

I guess throwing the knife is considered forward… ^^

Superdan187211 says:

I like (point down) you cant cut your face and neck if you fall or get
knocked down

JackRabbitSlim says:

Purchased a new fixed blade knife that fits very comfortably and tight in
my hand. Made a post to practice on. I have been mastering the techniques
in this video. I want to say thanks, my skills have improved greatly. I
feel confident that i can defend myself effectively with a knife if i had

Najeeb Mahmood says:

very useful, thank you.

PigSticker says:

I’ll try it!

97GoldDust says:

My left ear likes the tactics. 

Massy Biagio says:

this guy is a really professional

zSnorts says:

test dummy : i hate my job

cMaXeJIJIo says:

Sir, please disregard the whining liberals who’s only real problem in life
was, probably, an empty cell phone account. Thank you for your instruction
and the work you put into what you do.

Antonio Guamil says:

Depends on whose teaching and what style of FMA his teaching.

jose panther says:

why you say that this is not self defense? if someone enter in your house
and the only thing you have is a knife. what would you do?

Nick Pagliuca says:

I’ve always preferred a knife as a CQ weapon, it never needs reloading.
Thanks for the info, I prefer the point down hold with the fist grip
because it allows for a little more concealment and the element of surprise.

PcTech Geneva says:

this is rather Attack then Self-Defense

gomergilligan says:

you can still make a quasi-fist grip with your thumb on the back of the
blade – but your fingers will be tucked in (like a fist) – not outside on
the palm.

Andrew Holland says:

Why would I need to stab an intruder? How in earth can that be deemed
reasonable. Even if I was to teach such things I would keep them off the
web where kids can watch them

naihanchin .Kempo says:

its good basics. but they need to be smaller these moves are so big they
can blocked maybe not well but they can be blocked . Id rather just do fast
repeated stabs. like p’kal style

RomanBelvedere says:

In my experiences I was taught to keep the weapon (In this case the knife)
tucked in by my side (using an upwards angle) until I was ready to strike.
Do you agree with this pointer? Roman

UnKnOwSoLDiERGR says:

Remember if u stab somebody cut hes tongue and then hes fingers.That would
make you sometime to get out of country

Jim Wagner says:

Petru Geneva, you can win very few battles if you fail to strike the enemy.
Be A Hard Target.

Andrew Holland says:

Teaching knife defence is one thing, teaching knife offence via you tube is
not responsible nor required. As for these situations I study self
protection to increase my skill so I don’t require the use of knives.

Andrew Holland says:

I’m sorry, just how on earth can this be self Defence and even if it could
be considered self protection please consider who can access such clips.

zgSHADOW says:

Thanks a ton! There’s plenty of tutorials on how to fight against a knife
wielder, but most are not on how to fight WITH a knife.

TheFilipFonky says:

I love this tutorial but the audio is terrible. What happened?

Olsen Nomani says:

do you have any dvd online?i want to buy if you have

Soldesk says:

Nice. Please close you defensive hand so people don´t get the idea of
keeping it open and break a finger in a defensive situation.

crosshairjunky says:

How effective is this teqnique with a smaller knife like the Boker Urban
and is there any changes in the tecnique for a knife like that?

GlitterFreak94 says:

Thank you for this. I found myself hesitant about the proper way to hold a
knife and how I would defend myself if put in the situation. You helped me!
I’m going to practice this!

jose panther says:

lol you are funny if someone want to do something bad to your family you
dont stab? you are funny man good luck with that

Andrew Holland says:

And in response to your question, it would depend on the circumstances, but
I wouldn’t stab a person who broke into steal a few things, most thieves
avoid conflict

Wout van Leuveren says:

Excellent instruction. People who say this doesn’t belong in self defence
need a reality check, any kind of martial art or weapon technique could be
self defense if the cause is just. Putting this video online is no more
dangerous for kids to watch them then for instance an instruction video of
how to punch correctly. All info can be used or abused. Besides that, i am
krav maga practitioner and we always focus on defending knives which is
great, but now it’s much more clear how i can use one my

Kuan Lee says:

..but i feel that the fencing grip should be used first to try and prevent
an extreme close quarters scenario. Most threats should be discouraged from
engaging you further if you extend your knife out in front of you in the
fencing grip, like a shield. The closer you are, the less reaction time you

fairhavener says:

This would be a really excellent video of the audio wasn’t so atrocious. It
is very distracting. I ended up not watching the video about half-way
through because it was so annoying. If you redid this video with decent
audio it would be a hit.

wylwrk says:

Why yes, yes you are. Now that you’re a self labeled moron, you should flag
down the next short bus you find, get on it, and never come back. Have a
shitty day!

alex jackson says:

thanks mate

gomergilligan says:

there’s an old saying – “block to defend – strike to win”.

Wout van Leuveren says:

To use one myself. Jim, you are the real deal. I own your self defense
knife too, which is also very good, very efficient design. I and alot of
people would love to ser you in the Netherlands for a seminar. I hope to
learn from you in real life someday!

Kuan Lee says:

Hey Jim, I got one of your Reality Based Blades yesterday and I realized
that the only comfortable way to hold it is in the fist grip. Now I
understand your position on the fist grip, but I must say, the fist grip
really hinders your movements, flexibility and range. While the fencing
grip has the weakness of easier disarmament, it does provide a longer
reach, and more thrust. The fist grip only allows for hooks, or other bent
elbow attacks. It’s good for close range attacks, (continued)…

ValentinoMobbinTv says:

Why would you learn defense ONLY ? offense is also needed to stop a enemy
from hurting you

genin69 says:

awesome, we have this exact same system in my style. its always interesting
to see (now finally on youtube) that people from across the world can come
up with the same idea without ever having met. nice work sir

martin hall says:

ok i agree

Ridge Hickey says:

i think if i had a knife all you would have to do is stab him/her.

onetaothree says:

Damn!! The Filipinos say to put your thumb on the back of the blade, so
I’ve been doing that forever, but now you’ve ruined it for me!! You’re
right, that fist grip is stronger!!

Dare Angel says:

that’s straight murder though….

AntagonisticEnemy says:

Hollywood grip ? I was looking up the james williams crkt hissatsu folder
grips. Thumb capping the end of the knife in icy pick grip and them palming
the butt of your knife in the palm of your hand supporting the butt of the
knife for stabs. What are your thoughts

RetardedRussians says:

My dear lord, why are your videos always with bad audio or video quality?

Jim Wagner says:

redbull90, thank you for your comments. I’d love to teach again in The
Netherlands. The last two times I was only teaching the Amsterdam Police
Department. Be A Hard Target.

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