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Jewelry Store Owners Prepared For Worst Day

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Samwise Fernandez says:

One of the most important rules you've taught me, Always keep your tools on you.

D Garcia says:

Yes it does.

Mike Carrillo says:

2 scumbag pussies got skeeerdd!
Too bad they didnt get shot fn dead like they deserve.

Craig T says:

Suprised someone can afford to be a store owner in California

Brad C says:

Just a personal note. I would think it would be OPTIMAL to have a gun on your person AND one stashed in an area near the register but hidden from sight. This way on the chance that they get the drop on you and you just cant physically draw from your pants or other you have something that when you are supposedly emptying the till for you to grab and put into action…..and also if you have a trusted employee that might not carry or forgot to carry…..its there. Two is always better than one…and dare I say three?

Anthony Ziemba says:

Anyone coming through that front entrance is capable of
Robbing your business. Be ready 24/7

nuclearthreat545 says:

"Im your host…North Korea"

James Engles says:

We have a lot of gun owners here. We just keep our 30 rounders for target practice not self defense.

I'm not sure if its changed but I believe cwp holders are allowed standard mags (14, 15, 16 ) rounds…. for now until its voted on by the courts again.

notoriginal video's says:

Try hurting my dad with that knife you will beg for death.

Shaine Russell says:

I like when the bad guy gets kill 👎🏿

yelloworangered says:

California is over-run by predators and it doesn't surprise me at all that a store owner would have a gun. I suppose they kept the gun under the counter so it would be available to all the workers in the store. But as the incident turned out, the father shielded the perps with his own body (unknowingly) from the gun. I suppose the decision to hide the gun under the counter also had to do with the atmosphere of joy and fun that customers want when choosing expensive jewelry. Store workers all openly carrying creates a sense of unease, not fun. I don't know the answer to that problem. Glad this all worked out. I regret the perps weren't shot — they just went on down the street and robbed someone else, I'm sure. Such people are poison in a nation's bloodstream.

Harryape says:

Run Bitch I bet their pants were hanging for a reason after that.

phamptom says:

Covered faces with hat and hoodie? Check.

Loitering around and hesitating? Check.

Hands constantly trying to get concealed in pocket? Check.

Minimizing eye contact and looking away? Check.

jeff goulet says:

Great Video. I think it would be great if you brought up to your subscribers the awareness of off the body firearm storage in relation to where the gun is pointing. If you look at the beginning of this video it is safe to say that the gun most likely was not in a holster and while under the counter it was pointing in an unsafe direction. He pulled the gun out and it was aiming directly at his father. Under stress it is easy to accidently pull the trigger on the draw. That counter is definitely not bullet proof. 100% on the body carry agreement with you.

Mark Ferguson, Amateur Organist says:

John, can you or anyone reading this who lives in California and is familiar with the gun laws give us a brief explanation of the gun laws of California please? I live in Florida and here at least we're able to defend ourselves (Red state) in various ways. I've yet to get my concealed carry permit, but I keep my chambered Glock 21 by my bed, here you can have a firearm in your car (and home) without the need for a license as long as it's in the center console or glove box (it also goes with me in my car chambered and unholstered). I can't imagine this being the same in California and definitely not in my home state of NY (and ESPECIALLY in my home city of NYC) where you're not allowed to defend yourself at home or on the street but yet Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio walk around with a literal ARMY of armed bodyguards. So what's allowed and not allowed in California?

Mike says:

Probably should have shot them instead of showing them jewels 💎

RyMuEntertainment says:

Great video as always John… I'm a bit disappointed the fellas didn't receive their portion. Oh well… ☝🏾Everyday the bucket goes to the well. One day the bottom will fall out!

James Chanin says:

Yes he could have shot them while they were running away, He would have been charge with a crime, Only Cops can shoot people in there back & say they fear for there lives.

Bonita Wauls says:

I agree with gun on you, not under a counter!

Bonita Wauls says:

Close encounter. I am not surprised at the store owner carrying a gun. They have a lot of money into their businesses and need to protect themselves.

Robo Jimbo says:

If you look the kid has the gun ready. Dads not dumb he knew these pieces of shit were up to no good

Ed Ca says:

I noticed a lot of times the store people do not have a plan like TO MOVE AWAY from the FIRING PATH and let the fire holder a clear VIEW of the Crooks so it will be easier to hit them in their Crooked F ASH ..😊👍

Paladin Tactical says:

Ah Diversity..

Ronald Rybicki says:

Dude, you are slipping! You already critiqued this video before.

Phil Fortin says:

Your tip a bit ago of carrying thing in your dominant hand worked for me.  As a Cop we're trained to keep dominant hand free.  But your way makes it a guarantee that I drop what's in my hand right away.  Very cool trick for this old man.

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