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It’s Too Hard – Self Defense Techniques

It’s Too Hard 👊 Self Defense Techniqes 🙏 Professor David James Contact Us Here: [email protected] Our Online University: Our Facebook Channel: Our Instagram Channel:


TaiChiDragon says:

No David you are not an a-hole. You are being sensible. I saw the problems as well. What that vid was showing was too complicated and required a lot of training and of course with the other guy being compliant. You are being right, just keep it simple. The old KISS principal. "Keep it simple stupid" for those who don't know. Keep up the good work.

WHITE BELTS: Words of Wisdom:Ways of Life Survival says:

You make choices that will adapt to the movement that will Counter-Attack Re-Counter Offense attack Again till you succeed to survive.

Chris P says:

Great gritty advice
Do you do symposiums

Ben Taylor says:

A knife fight or any fight is dynamic, it's not static.
It moves and changes constantly. If I'm determined to cut you with a knife, I will. And it's a knife fight. You're caught, you're bleeding now. You need to deal with, or your body needs to deal with the fact that you're cutting bleeding. So far, this is the best. I've seen, thank you, professor and Kenny .
What you teach and your advice is spot on.
Thank you.

conscious thought says:

Common Sense Approach To Self-Defense

Eli G says:

The point of this self-defense video is probably the most important thing I learned about street safety. I hope all of the viewers know to share this superb piece of street defense wisdom,

Bill Gates says:

Bravo to the professor. This is one of the problems with how Kali/Arnis/Escrima is taught. The movements aren't practical. I've never seen outside of boxing a fighter throw a perfect jab and I've never heard of an untrained person with a knife using a number one. I think how they teach it is fine for the movies, but very unpractical for the street. The simplest techniques work the best. The goal is survival and there are no points assigned for form. Some of the stuff that's taught is ridiculous and far worse than this. I was in class once and I was learning something with 7 or 8 movements. I remember thinking, I'l never do this in a fight. It's much simpler to just punch the guy. So, my advice is to do what's taught in class and show respect to your instructor. However, “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own" by Bruce Lee. throw away the junk and do what makes sense for you.


One things for sure you will never fall asleep in David James’s class and you will always remember the lesson. Absolutely love his drill sergeant approach in my opinion it is the most effective way that MEN Learn martial arts technique


I believe it because I studied martial arts originally because I was bullied. I applied when I learned and the bullying stopped. I.e. I know my techniques work because I have applied them not just as a kid but as a young adult as well

Soul Searching says:

This video is 110% on the real.. Because when a crazed attacker is seriously intent on hurting you and the blade comes out… That's intense scary!! When you know that in seconds you could end up on a slab in the morgue… That's intense scary!! So while the fancy stuff is cool for a motion picture film, in the real world, do you feel confident to put your life on the line?? Or will you freeze up? Or lose composure? Fair question.. It's one thing to do drills in the dojo, yet another to face a real blade.
I had this discussion with a relative of mine, a retired Major from the teams.. He said that what they are taught is simple and very direct methods for eliminating the threat immediately. Period!! Just like what the Professor and Shihan Ken are teaching. Bravo gentlemen for keeping it as real as it gets.

Marvin Taylor says:

It's too hard but it's not IMPOSSIBLE!

jon covington says:

Outstanding professor! PREACH!!!!

Nixon Frederick says:

Outstanding Life Saving Self Protection Techniques

Reason1717 says:

Putting the technique a side. The message is delivered via a teaching method of yelling and repeating dialog. The emotion speaks to a deeper connection. As to what I know not. Few people like being yelled at. And the repeating of the words is often unnecessary. Getting upset by the multitude of ineffective techniques will lead you to your every waking minute in frustration. If the anger is to make plain the difference in methods I would add this: "The ego lives in a world of comparison."

Jamar Douglas says:

Less is more.

Chiazor Olutimileyin says:

thanks for the knowledge

Chiazor Olutimileyin says:

5min into the video…😂….Groin of steel


Only because this guy doesn't have the skill to pull off certain techniques in the street is doesn't mean that other people can't.

Pamala PurplePantys says:

If you're being Attacked of Threatend on the Street take it seriously.
This isn't a Fight between two fellow Pugilists in a Ring of Honor, this is you trying to get from point A to B all the while some crazy Unstable person comes up trying to attack you for whatever reason I don't care what it is, but who the fack does that?
Who in your family or people that you know and how many of them behave like that?
I got one dumbass family member who acts like that, never to me personally but I've seen him and how he acts when in public at the Bars especially.

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

Obviously if you can't ran away you have to grab the wrist holding the blade. No other way. Wrist holding the knife 🔪 and the knife will be my primary targets 🎯. Attacker will go wild swings and slashes and multiple stabs. If you throw punches make sure your fingers are protected. Low kicks? Who said attacker will not stab you at your leg ten times? Who said that there will not be uppercut slash/stab? Too much options for the attacker. For attacker which actually want to kill you for real throat will be primary target 🎯. We can test vs oponent with foam knife 🔪. Which intelligently seeking angles on you at all cost. Stabs/slashes any combinations. No holds bar. Then you see that pretty much all attacks will land on you. Then you will realise that your only chance is to stop the blade and/or hand holding the blade. If you can… Anything other than that makes you a corpse. Why not just go around me? Cause i will turn quickly and slash your throat for no more than 1/8 of second. Speaking of confidence how confident you will be if for example three fingers, one nose, one ear and one eye are no longer parts of your body….😅😂

charles webber says:

If someone pulls out a knife that big, you should take sprinting lessons from Usian Bolt.

Michael Anderson says:

No I don't "believe in my heart", because the heart is a muscle pumping blood and nothing else.

Barry Johnson says:

I truly admire Professor James style of delivery & training.

Claud Wolf says:

Having trained in a 'classical' art I practiced a lot of things that had no real chance of ever being useful beyond scoring on those trained the same way. My awakening came when I met a Golden Gloves guy that had an interest in learning how to kick, desiring to exchange my skills for his. I was convinced my hand skills were more than a match for mere boxing, so he suggested we put on headgear and gloves and spar without kicks. I never had a chance and that messed with my whole mindset. I also worked in mental health, where anything taught as self-defense would get me fired or arrested. I still am attached to my original style because it is familiar and honestly brings back good times. At 62 I have degenerative arthropathy in my right hip and I work in a factory so any pretensions are out the window. I have to ask myself why I would continue training. Is it for exercise, to perfect my form or whatever, or to be used in a situation we all hope never happens but does. The problem is, you find yourself making excuses for the familiar and wanting to believe that if you train hard enough you can pull off fancy demonstration moves someday.

A lot of it lies in the material itself and the need to be commercially viable. Can you get folks to pay to learn to stomp and headbutt? We have fragmented into so many different little segments Combatives are more of a badly run buffet where the best stuff is always taken but the gloppy mac n' cheese and tasteless mashed potatoes are plentiful. Seeing your take gives me the inspiration to understand why I train and kick the fantasies to the curb. I always look forward to seeing your stuff drop. And I have to add that although I do not know your age, it is safe to say you have a few years behind you as well, and that shows me you really do have something for everybody, not just the young and strong.

M C50 says:

This is real!

Victor Marshall says:

Reality..Ous Professor..!!

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