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Is There a Role for Leglocks in Self Defense? Is there a role for leglocks in self defense? I say that so long as you’re aware of the limitations of this strategy (and EVERY strategy has limitations) then they are a totally legitimate tool for you to use! For the most detailed breakdown of leglock attack strategies on the market today check out


Freedom Cobra says:

most people just have enough skills to get a tap, but not enough skill to actually rip someone’s knee so bad they can’t walk. I think a lot of Ju Jitsu guys would be surprised how hard it is to actually break bones or incapacitate someone.

ChristianWarrior76 says:

In self-defense do NOT intentionally go to the ground. Apply standing leg locks which should have been shown in this video.

tie oneon says:

can you show self defense leg locks when you have been knocked down and are on the bottom


TheEnneagram says:

Starfleet? I hope you’re not looking to be taken seriously?

Soul Chicken says:

How is this a question? I don't understand. If you go to the ground, ANY locks make sense.

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