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Is a revolver adequate for Self Defense Carry

We discuss the Pros and Cons of a small framed, 5 shot revolver for Personal Protection. If faced in a violent encounter, are you adequately armed to handle a self defense shooting with merely 5 rounds? Come train with us at Hilltop Firearms Training Center, Dover, TN.


The Heathen says:

Recites the statistics from the FBI and crime center then proceeds to completely ignore them based on personal feelings and anecdotal evidence. I should’ve assumed what his take would’ve been the minute I saw that Glock perfection flag in the background.

Okey Akers says:

Go to court with 16 rounds in a Glock or 5 rounds in a Smith….unfortunately we need to defend ourselves twice.

NoseKey says:

I completely agree with all his points. 5 or 6 bullets is not enough when your life is on the line

Jeff Mcclain says:

I am 55 years old and carry a revolver, I worked in bad neighborhoods for years, I have only been in one situation where I needed my gun, and only had to show the handle sticking out of my shirt, conversation over. We are not living in a video game, a 5 shot revolver will certainly save your life and remember you must also be willing and capable of using it if you ever need to, focus on that aspect rather than trying to out do everyone with fantasy situations, there is only one, bad guy with gun, good guy with gun.

Cryptonymicus says:

If you're going to plan for the worst case scenario then what are you going to do when 8 St Louis gangbangers decide to take down your front door, or the local right-wing militia decides it's time to overthrow the government and YOU are their next recruit, or victim……your choice…..

Ron Burgundy says:

I wouldn't feel adequately armed against an AR or AK with a glock. We need to stop using mass shootings as the standard for what we carry. If that's the mind set, then we should all carry AR in 300 blackout or 308 to out gun the worse case scenario. Ignoring the overwhelming statistics that show engagements are not the mass shooting scenario is not practical, responsible planning.Carry what you are proficient at and what you will carry everyday.Nothing says a revolver carrier cant practice proficiency with speedloaders or carry a backup gun AKA "New York Reload". Against multiple shooters carrying ARs, the glock 19 is not beating multiple shooters with multiple 30rd mags.

RJ Rambles says:

If you can’t settle a CCW scenario with a revolver, you need a rifle. And that’s not something that any normal average joe can whip out under his trench coat.

Of course a full sized double stack 9mm is a better gun for a firefight. But a j frame is just easier for me to carry. And I’ll take consistent carry any day over nothing.

Gaylen Stone says:

You know, I have watched a lot of video on here about conceal carry and what gun to have on you, from revolvers to autos, 380s to .40sw and I have to say this guy makes more sense and paints a much more realistic picture then anyone I have seen. I was considering picking up a small 9mm for carry, like a Ruger Lc9s. After watching this and really considering what he said, I think I will opt for a double stack 9mm and at least one spare mag on me, perhaps 2.

abc says:

Good points, but people need to carry what they will actually carry and practice with. Different preferences. First rule in a gunfight, have a gun. (I own both types of handguns and like both.)

Ryan Collins says:

I carry 637 Smith I'm a novice shooter why I like a revolver is it simple and I think 5 round is capable my opinion

Big E says:

My 5 round of 357 (S&W 60) I like to carry is better than the 12/13 or 15 (HK VP9s) I left at home. Now I will carry my HKs, but even prepared to carry my 4" S&W 629 has night sights and speedloaders, as well, my Taurus 66 has speedloaders at 7 rounds.

Now for active shooters with a rifle if that is who you are preparing for bringing a handgun to a rifle fight is STUPID!

As self defenders our intent is not to subdue our enemy such as your off duty cop or the cops who dif but to break contact in whatever fashion and save our own and loved ones lives.

The biggest supporting point in recent history against my 5 that I will grant you is, criminals are starting to more often operate in groups, yet still most encounters are still done in 3 to 5. With that being said, training hard with the gun I love to carry that solves the problem 99% of the time a self defense shooting occurs (which currently most of us will not thankfully experience) is money and time better spent than trying to convice myself to carry my fullsize VP9 with my spare magazine carrier. There are days I sometimes do nbut morr often about where I am going. Most of the time my 357 J Frame is my muse. But i have carrried all so far but my 629. But it is new and winter is a ways away. But…..

So if multiple assailants are common now where you live and the crime rate is high you might be little fool hardy to not get a double stack semi but where crime rate is lower your trying to prevent or sperate yourself from contact pimarily, a J frame is nice if you can run it effectively. It is difficult.

Matt McNicholas says:

Unless you carry a Glock 34 with a red dot and 2 extra extended mags on your belt, with a Sub-2000 using 33 round sticks folded in a backpack with you every single day then you have no room to climb up on your soap box and tell us a snubbie won't be good enough. Your G43, 26, or even the 19 that every fanboy jerks off to isn't gonna do ya much better at all against a guy with a rifle. So quit fooling yourself. Let people carry what they want to carry.

Bang Trinh says:

I have decided to carry John Wick with me.

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