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instant karma – bully fail – self defense – instant justice – Episode 21



If I had to drive in Moscow. I believe I would go home every night with a dead body in the trunk lol.

Chromosome #47 says:

6:47 thats troll station
it was a prank on people around
the black dude and the guard were in on it acting

Alan Cruz says:

4:47 That's my boyfriend.

doctor speng says:


velebyte says:

5:27 tune?

Levi Kirkpatrick says:

The guy on the train looked disabled

Richard Chaney says:

When you get pepper sprayed and need water 😎 problem solved

Furious Anus says:

I LOVE the first one!!! I hate motorcyclists. If you don't like the way someone drives, fucking murder them. It's a perfectly okay thing to do.


At 4:30 I heard a pig

Geraldine B says:

@9:45 Just like a cop to go and get the goon squad…fucking pussies

Marek Navratil says:

I like the fat nigga vs queen guard

Александр Блоцкий says:

Санек, воды!

Josiah Cervantez says:

4:25 "oh my god I can't handle this"

Franklin Ayres says:

How is pretty much killing a motorcyclist bully fail?

Mr.Flamingo Mr.Flamingo says:

Everybody don't be bully plz

ReaganToast Gaming says:

What the fuck was that first one

BuffBisonGaming says:

In #1 he could've died WTF

ReeceDaBeast says:


Martin Pauga says:

On 4:47 she said "that's my boyfriend" lol

Redstone Active says:

What is the one with the guy in black that jumped on to the other guys car

no privacy says:

The video was covered by click bait boxes at the end. If you want us to see the end, stop covering it.

Mister J Westcoast says:

Russians are savage…lets get savage.

Alano Eckiwardy says:

Y tf do men wear rompers

fherlinn says:

half of these videos are of bullies committing assault.

Ghost Catchers says:

The first video was just a guy being a dick on the road. But he shouldn't have got his bike hit by a CAR, that could have killed him for crying out load

Newbie_ Shot says:

2nd last one is 😂

The Bacon Filled Pancake says:

none of this is instant karma its just people getting beat up you clickbaiting,desperate fail :/

Vertex Draco says:

Can you like, read the fucking dictionary then remake this video, thanks.

Va HOSS says:

The first clip is hilarious! Brake checking a car on a motorcycle is the move of a genius

Jacob Estevez says:

What did that biker do

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