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instant karma – bully fail – self defense – instant justice – Episode 21

instant karma – bully fail – self defense – instant justice – Episode 21


Tino Trivino says:

Only Psychopaths drive like that! Killing people (attempt) just because of Pride? Ill people!

XzX_Noscoper_Swa663r_360_69 Gaming_Walker_Star_360 says:

Dumb ass russians.

Bubbles says:

6:40 that’s a prank
The fake guard and the other dude was in prank

Greg Baranszky says:

Noticing a lot of there are Russian

Bulletfoss Bantanner says:

As horrible as it would be, I actually want to be in a situation like this one day, so that I can prove to myself that I would react in a way one should.

Mozzarella says:

2:49 I thought the Russian drink only Vodka.

Doodle Vlogg says:

Nice channel name

Autumn McCalister says:

4:47 “that’s my boyfriend ”😂🤣



Thelesbowithapen says:

0:27 He could've been badly injured. I'm sure he didn't mean to come that close and that person sped up. So the car driver is the asshole here

Daniel Montenegro says:

Don't do school kids go to drugs

adrian fantone says:

dont say stupid

ilostmyaccount hi says:

1:23 crow dude VS dat guy who will get da victory royale?

Daniel Lukin says:

2:45 "There is no water there is only beer"

Gino Ginelli says:

So gay to beating up people if you know they´ll hav no chance…

TRIZsTANDs GeGo says:

A cop chased a van=self defense?hmmm the tittle actually sucks5:00

P Whittaker says:

9:05 at this time, security staff had exactly 10 seconds left on lunch break, good job gentlemen.

P Whittaker says:

2:50…mommy give me water,it burns…….all we got is beer, it will make it worse, ok ill take the beer…lol

Puppet 67 says:

Russians are crazy

Jacob Fann says:

The part with the people that just about got hit in the middle of the road are a black lives matter group. I'd just hit them. Or get them out of my way by holding a gun to the window showing those idiots that I am not havin it. I do believe they matter as does everyone but if they believe that they matter than they shouldnt start in the road to get hit.

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