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Instant Justice – Bully Fails – Instant Karma Fails – Self Defense – 2017

Compilation of Instant karma, instant justice, bad drivers and road rage , instant karma police , police vs cars , police vs racers , police fails videos. INSTANT KARMA POLICE | INSTANT JUSTICE | BAD DRIVERS & ROAD RAGE


XxluckxswiftxX says:

The ricer at 10:35 lol

searchoverload8 says:

Stupid scrappy little bitch learned about real men that day

Aaron Gomez says:


king juan says:

why tf was a white girl saying nigga

Fire God says:

Bruh the girl kept saying nigga

Ilija Radosavljević says:

0:51 it year 2023 bottom right corner

Karadjanov says:

Very stupid compilation. In all of the cases you cannot recognize who is who. It's just some people getting in fights. The person who edited this should never edit anything again for a living and the person who named it is mentally challenged. There's no way someone is this stupid. It has to be a mental illness. So it is a compilation of retards doing stuff?!? Thank god you aren't making new videos.

Milan Sullivan says:

2:46 why tf do white niggas say nigga bitch… don't say that shit


I would of knocked he the fuck out..

Tripin S says:

This is why I carry a gun, I've only had to shoot 2 people in my life but who knows what would have happened if I wasn't conceal carrying.

If you come up to my car door and try to remove me from my car I will shoot you dead.

Cameron Wood says:

To all the racists America was created by white people on the structure and hard labor of black people so you've got a lot to thank instead of insult

Gamerinandroid * says:

When you think you're badass😎but you actually aren't😔

Taylor Ramsey says:

Are we filming road rage?

Donger .M says:

0:48 2023/01/14 omg he is in the future

BLUEFURY787 says:

2:16 lady say nigga nigga I'm black so I can say that 👍🏾

Night Rider24 says:

at 2:24 that girl was crazy and i wonder if she actually knows what "nigga" means cuz she anit cool for saying it she just sound like a insane bitch when she was screaming 😂

Nomadic Medic says:

Why are drunk girls the worst?

M the Cat says:


Alen Omerovic says:

0:39 he is from the future OMG!!!

hushai Er says:

the policeman in 3:48???

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