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Inexpensive Self Defense Ammunition (.38 Special).

If you cannot find any top of the line self defense ammo for your .38 special, there are some alternatives to use that are better than using standard roundno…


Johnnie Delta says:

What´s that all about the demand of CHEAP guns and ammo for self-defense
purposes?! People spend 2000$ for a save queen but when it comes to protect
their lives, stuff has to cheap. That´s so stupid. What´s more precious
than your life? So your defense gun might be your most expensive gun, not
the cheapest. I get the feeling most folks don´t ever think when it comes
to general priorities in life… I always hear them saying a S&W is too
expensive for a defense gun and they keep on buying the 150$ crap. Why then
carry a gun at all? Just spare the bucks for your stupid limited pimp
edition desert eagle

Timothy Ayers says:

Thanks for the info.. I do use 38 sp metal for practice but when I get home
the Taurus 357 is loaded with mags or sp pluss and kept close..

Aubrey Young says:

I like the 158 semi wade cutters for self-defense. Use them. All bullets
will get the job done. The issue is with the shooters experience and mental

Tom Nelson says:

From what I’ve read and watched (youtube) if all I can find it Walmart’s
Whitebox Winchester 38 Special JHP Plus P thats said to be fine for self
defense too. Thanks for this upload/share.

R. Harper says:

SWC(s) work great in hunting scenarios so do not wory about SD situations
as you say they will work in a pinch. Btw over penetration is rarelly the
problem on the street, it is more of an issue of maintaing accurate fire
under stress.

good video, thnx

ParasidicGeneration says:

good vid

filoIII says:

158gr in .357 is a big no-no, tho, for self defense. It’ll waaaaay
overpenetrate, even in the short barrel .357

STEVE P says:

how powerful is .38 Special +P?

James Hayes says:

Thanks for the info

James Hayes says:

One of the best 1 shot stop ammo was the semi-wad cutter + p 158 grain but
who knows how hard it is to find in that configuration?

Bill Whitmire says:

158gr LSWC is a good choice not great..will penetrate well..and if the
bullet hits bone will most likely will tumble causing damage…this is
non-+P ammo ..which means faster recovery between shots which will allow
faster follow up shots..

Judithann Barton says:

What about Hornady Critical Defense? They are kind of expensive but if I
only use them to keep my .38 special 642 loaded for self/home defense and
do not use them at the range, I feel confident that they would have the
stopping power needed should I have to shoot someone.

MrStrident says:

@titans091052: I have no doubt that is true…you are shooting a
.45acp….of course it will out perform a .38 Special. I also love
1911s…however lately I have been shooting Glocks. I shoot a Glock 21 a
lot which also is 45acp. I also shoot a Glock 20 in 10mm which is a step up
in power from the 45. I am amazed at Double Tap Ammo. All of their stuff is
very hot….their 10mm stuff is wicked.

Migs4000 says:

The only gripe I have about WC and S-WC is the flat meplate keeps the
bullet nose first through a medium. Round nose bullets tumble more reliably.

ARTONY92 says:

that brand seems like a cool idea, my dad has reloading equipment and dyes
for .38 special, he actually loads the semi-wadcutter rounds just like
that. i cant wait until he teaches me in the springtime how to use the
loading bench!

madmac451 says:

going old school beats a blanke

pystolwhip says:

Yes swc will probably be your best choice. Word of advice, use a lead
bullet, 100% lead bullet and try to lean toward a lighter bullet and load
it up really hot to get the max velocity. A high velocity complete lead
bullet will do alot of damage since the lead is soft and will do nasty
things. The .357 mag actually got its famous man stopper rep from using
high speed lead rounds, something the .357 sig couldnt replicate.

Turbodieselracer says:

Hi millerusaf what is the cheapest 38 special ammo that you have bought in
bulk and in what prices?,because ammo for target shooting is getting

CHeWy says:

would you use white box over this?

GunClinger says:

@Blk05titan26 I’ve never known ballistics gel to bleed out.

frosty iceyhot says:

unfortunately that doesn’t work with hard cast lead, it wouldn’t expand due
to the density of the lead and alloys in it.

Gary Jordan says:

Excellent video, I’ve used the Ultramax SWC. It’s good ammo, like you said
it will work in a pinch. Back in the 1980’s when I was LEO, the standard
issue ammo in this area was 158gr LRNSP, we weren’t allowed hollow points,
but SWC was better less a chance of over penetration compared to the LRN.
Especially hitting center mass, the SWC will do the job.

TheOREGON1859 says:

When I worked armed security I was instructed to only carry jacketed hollow
points. They recommended Federal Hydra-Shock.

nutz305 says:

@TheFirearmsChannel That’s what I dont like about ’em…….very dirty
rounds. I use Speers +Ps in my .38.

Gmissile says:

@raleighkoch The soft point flattens and the jacket ensures penetration,and
no leading of the barrel. That gives a wide,deep wound channel in a
relatively inexpensive round. Once upon a time, I used to hunt hogs in
Florida with a S&W M-19 with .357 158 SJSP. Within 30 yards I’d also use
them for Whitetail. They’re REAL definitive.

Jigssaw1989 says:

Is there a difference between fmc-flat and semiwadcutter? In terms of
stopping power.

subclaw says:

@GomerfromIsaan The cases I know of involved uniformed officers with 4″ S&W
M15 revolvers. One involved an officer on the Police Olympic pistol team
who carried a Master qualification. All 6 were solid torso hits and he
still had to physically subdue the suspect.

Molon Labe says:

The old 158gr. LRN .38SPL was a miserable manstopper. Hence, the New York
reload. SWC are definitely a step above.

Bea Beaa says:


alan brown says:

The state of florida now made it a law that only hollow points can be
used,now I carry remington 125 gr semi-jacketed hollow point.This load nets
76% stopping power.

titans091052 says:

@2238945gbs drp drp drp

chrismc410 says:

@controversyking The .38 in question there was the .38 Long Colt, not the
.38 Special, .38 Special didn’t exist then. The two are totally different
rounds. One operates at about 650 fps, the .38 Long Colt, which is less
than a .380 ACP and the .38 Special operates at 850-950 fps with standard
pressure rounds.

subclaw says:

@crazychance0 Lousy advice for defensive ammunition. If you ever shoot
someone with your homebrew ammo, your friendly local prosecutor will make
your life miserable.

NoiseMostBeautiful says:

are those H&K twist and drop loaders? I have 2 for my 642 and find they
work pretty well. GA arms use to make some decent swc for the .357 and .38
and they were dirt cheap. I think they might have had a hollowpoint, not
sure…they went under at some point this decade. I still have a couple
plastic blisters of their hot 9mm loads.

wootfortoot says:

to increase effectiveness a x or + could be cut into the nose to make the
bullet preform somewhat similar to a hollow point. i would only recommend
doing this if the bullet is not loaded in the case as to decrease the
chance of bullet setback.

craigmaster12 says:

Hollow points are nasty when you plug someone

cirethgr8 says:

It’s all about shot placement. Those swc will take the fight out of
you….in a pinch. 🙂

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