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Indignation for Self-Defense: “How Dare You?”

The CrossFit Journal — ( If a bad guy sticks a gun in your face, makes the mistake of not killing you and then further makes the…


WVU Benjisaur says:

My self defense is a .45 with alternating FMJ and hollow point with a CCW
permit. Someday I’ll take a Krav Maga course but until then distance and a
sense of awareness will work as well as it has so far. 

Amador Arteaga says:

Wow great video guys teaching people how to fight back. :)

Keith Fine says:

Nice stuff !

pgmorse says:

Big let down that crossfit is still releasing this garbage. Stop it with
this guy. Please

Jason Luna says:

What does this have to do with crossfit?

Mike Kesler says:


Armin Schellenbacher says:

Still don´t get it what this has to do with Crossfit!? Self-Defense WOD?
Unarm a guy 10 Times, 50 Double Unders, Unarm 8 Times, 50 Double Unders,
Unarm 6…. !? As a fan of Crossfit as I am, it would be more interesting
to see some more behind the scenes of the games, training of the athletes

ShellySummers says:

From a self defense perspective this was more painful then pistons. Initial
movement was good with the hands up, but the punching is worse then
useless. They are counter productive.

melk bomb says:

Wow. Trashy garbage.

Aimee Yervasi says:

Fantastic instruction by Coach Blauer!! We often forget that a gun in and
of itself does not kill, it is when the trigger is pulled and the bullet
flies that it has the capacity for death. In this case the idea of
allowing yourself to take control of the gun by jamming it and giving
yourself time to defend yourself is amazing. The “lightbulb” moment is
remarkable and makes perfect anatomical sense. Wow. 

Partner Lalo says:

I love this kind of stuff

yell0fello says:

hang on, are you suggesting that if asked for my wallet at gunpoint i
should attempt a gun disarm rather than comply and simply hand it over?

Adam Kinnucane says:

this video is such bullshit.

Michael Sullivan says:

Loved it. I don’t understand why any crossfitter wouldn’t want to watch


Try to snatch that gun and fail, or he pulls back hard and keeps shooting.
If you try this u only got one chance and it will piss him the fuck off.

How about this instead,, give him your fucking wallet or do what ever he
says and don’t get fucking shot in the face..

Spud O'Doom says:

Who the fuck is stupid enough to deploy a gun that close to the intended
target. Kinda loses the whole advantage of a ranged weapon, no.


“…But that doesn’t even matter now when Ernie & Bert jump in here…”

Love it!!! :)

Matthew Welch says:

This video would be hilarious if the guy with the gun just pulled the
trigger everytime he pointed the gun at his head instead of waiting for the
guy to start disarming him.

Nickolas Sherman says:

Ahaha so many trolls, suddenly everyone is a self defense expert XD call
down. If you’re skeptical take a damn class with tony

Matthew Berg says:

Blauer is an idiot and is going to get someone killed.

Edward Ritzmann, Jr. says:

It got my blood pumping just to watch this. But this cannot be done without
practice, no matter what anybody thinks.

Magic City Dojo says:

From Coach Tony Blauer:

Gillian Steele says:

That is such a bad way to do that gun defence shouldn’t bring the gun back
across your body there was no problem where it wasnit was on the side away
from the body

Kris Z says:

Good stuff… also make sure you carry your own peacemaker…

LogicallyCoherent says:

Can CrossFit please stick to just fitness. Don’t try over-do it

Preparednessman says:

It was interesting…but the swearing was ghetto. I’m disappointed Crossfit
is cool with that.

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