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Incredible Animal Self-Defense Reaction

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james edwards says:

as someone who lives on a farm and we have potato plants the sight of that potatobug filled me with rage

heylin neko says:

3:25 and 10:09 sound like kimimaro kaguya from naruto

legion behemith says:

lol I nuts on you and it burns πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

legion behemith says:

newt= kimmanaro from naruto

JudgeDread 305 says:

What's up Chavezz

Jenn Miller says:

ewwww…shooting blood out its eye…that made me nauseous

Danny says:

You sir have a small wand

Dank_Smirk says:

12:21 this is why you don't mess with anything during it's time of the month.

Dank_Smirk says:

That newt reminds me of the Bennysticles that I find in Lady Lake.

isaiah dorvelus says:

did this video make anyone elses feel like thing were crawing on them

MrDustin6 says:

Can you react to the Mimic Octopus?

Mario Torres-Chabolla says:

That squid is a cuttlefish.

Hi Asakite says:

I've seen dogs eat their own shit, so wen they say 8/10 dogs chose not to eat them that's serious

Hi Asakite says:

What up Chavezz!

Mr. Stealyogirl says:

πŸ…±οΈoneless animals

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