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I took that action in self defense, says woman constable on Congress MLA slap off – ANI News

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), Dec 29 (ANI): A Congress MLA, Asha Kumari and a woman constable Rajvanti ended up slapping each other in a crowded spot after a brief argument broke out between them.
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Virender Mahto says:

U did a good job

Niranjan Desai says:

Lady Constable deserves the Bravery Award for showing courage on duty.

Jay Palav says:

This MLAs are our servent elected by us and police are protecters of us who enrolled themselves for us ma'am whatever you did was correct no need to be ashamed or feel guilty for your deed whole nation is with you.

ajender singh says:

Good on you. You should have punched her in face.

l Singh says:

Aacha kiya..

Sri Kanth says:

Great work you have done right thing this politicians are morals , illletarate

Vijayavaman bobberjung says:

congratulations. This is more than getting a medal. Proud of you officer.

Do u realy Feel people are fool says:

The Real Singam I selute u mam the cop uniform is proud of u the four sides lion roars ur name louder alround our India

parameshwar rachamalla says:

Well done . We need officers like u

Bidhan Chandra says:

Madam you did very wrong to slap her… You should not used your hand… YOU SHOULD USE YOUR LEG.. YOU SHOULD KICK HER ON THAT'S WHORE FACE

aanchal nagta says:

behn tum keh rhe ho ke ek thpd glti se lg gya hoga use tumse. 4 aur maar chaaheye the use. Useless politicians

Manish Ranjan says:

BAHUT ACHA MA'M we are with you.

Rohit tirohi says:

लतिया देना चाहिए था… अच्छा किया आपने…

Chetan Pareek says:

Next time she will not slap any one in uniform


She did very right thing… we salute you

desi power says:

Should've kicked her arse,no one's above the law!

Learn more says:

ye sahi kiya ….kuch bidhak aisa maar khane ke leye hota hai

Learn more says:

great mam….maro…

Bharath Kumar says:

If you feel threatened… kindly spread out the word . We are with you to help ( all things are connected via internet and we at it)

daljit singh gill says:

U did right mam ,,we are always with you


very good. shabash.

Wilber Creado says:

Hats off to u ma'am

Mithil Jain says:

Wish more people are brave as her.. I hope and wish she doesn't have to pay for no mistake of her..

explained here says:

she needs to be prompted immediately !!
you did the right thing , we all are with you

Narendra Pratap says:

I salute u ……love u

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