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I don’t recommend for home defense


@bjkearns2 says:

Recoil is easily mitigated, get a gas gun and run reduced recoil 00buck like Hornady Tap or Federal Law Enforcement

@eddiehoover2788 says:

Use #4 buck. Still rather have 3" 00 never know if you need to shoot at a car or some kind of cover

@JeepaDoodle says:

Make a good point. But then you’re limited to only pistol calibers which is just fine, but if you miss you will get the same result. It also depends on what shells you use. I believe police use #4 shot? If I remember right it has far less penetration while still dropping targets

@Peluceus says:

LIke — you mean compared to 9mm or 45 ACP? Maybe .22 would have less power but like – are you saying it penetrates less than anything else?

@flutac says:

I recommend it!

@bammersmith5993 says:

Usually when they hear that shotgun pump action that gets there attention.

@geoffgrigg381 says:

Problem is Amy gun you use for home defense will do that through dry wall. Biggest thing is train train train so you don’t flinch. But I agree the recoil is a potential issue but also forgetting to rack the pump between shots can also be a problem for the pump action like you had. I have the luxury of my neighbor being up hill from me with a 8ft rock wall and dirt pile out my back wall from my hallway so I run an AR because I’m not worried about the overpen because I know that if I miss it’s not going into the neighbors house.

@toastedbagels1991 says:

Bruh what kind of noodle Arma do you have on you to flinch that much from a 12 gauge shell? Maybe if it’s magnum buck or a slug I’d understand but typical buckshot isn’t that hard to handle if you’ve got even the bare minimum of experience using a gun. And for penetration? I’d rather wreck my dry wall then be dead. And any caliber will tear through dry wall and risk hitting a passerby.

@Wolfgang_voncolt says:

The drywall over penetration argument is stupid. Drunk idiots penetrate drywall all the time with ease. Its not hard at all. Good quality ammo that dumps more than half its energy when contacting a hard surface is what you want for defense. Whether in the home or on the street.

@Damocles54 says:

The thing is, that potential danger is the same with just about any firearm you'd choose for home defense. A 5.56 round will pose the exact same risks. fmj, in particular, can punch straight through your target, then a few walls behind it as well. Handguns loaded with JHPs are less likely to overpenetrate, but "less likely" isn't the same as "won't."

So, the key to using a 12g is the same as any other weapon, training, and situational awareness.

@mjdouglas9665 says:

This guy does not have bad content but, a 9mm will penetrate the same if not more than 12 gauge buck and a slug is comparable with 9mm FMJ but +p will over penetrate far more than a shotgun slug…

Like any gun training is paramount.. if you live in a complex or apartments 12gauge buck is more risky if not, there is no reason to take a 9mm over a shotgun in your own house..train with it and then pray for any poor soul that threathens you in your house.

@TheAjm2500 says:

So what does he recommend for home defense. A pistol and rifle are gonna both go through drywall. I’m gonna stick with my shotgun for knock down power.

@calebrickard3294 says:

Pistol with hollow points

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