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How to Talk to your Attacker – Self Defense Tips

Get a free self-defense video: ► In a street altercation, it’s important to know how to talk to your attacker. Knowing how to properly communicate and use the right body language, can certainly be extra helpful in a potentially life-threatening situation. If your body isn’t communicating the correct message to your opponent, you might end up making the situation worse. On the other hand, if you’re trying to defuse the situation and you’re placing your body correctly to de-escalate the fight, you are putting all the chances on your side. A good way to position your body to talk with your attacker is to lift your hands in a passive stance, so that you’re congruous with the words you’re using to defuse the tension. You should also choose a tone of voice that is matching with the words you’re saying when using verbal defense tactics. Always have your hands up to protect yourself from incoming punches. Keep in mind that street fights happen quickly and some attackers have no mercy. Always be on your guard and prepared to fight back. We hope that you enjoyed these self defense tips. Let us know what you think about the video. We always enjoy reading your comments. Feel free to share the video “How to Talk to your Attacker – Self Defense Tips” More Self Defense videos: Complete set of self defense instructional videos: Stay safe, Nick Drossos and Patrick V Code Red Defense® ►


Michael K says:

Echo audio terrible

Durker says:

With your fists

dangkoen says:

Drop your pants, works every time.

Marcel Veith says:

Dude it's so false I do kung fu and if he wants to attack u u need to do punch him before he can

Ravishastri Raastogii says:

1 .Talk to your attacker .
2. Offer them a cup of coffee.
3. Discuss with them about their and your life.
4 .Be bestfriends.

Von Ace says:

Another tip that should be added is if you know it's about to pop off and you want to go preemptive and strike first, is to ask your attacker a question like, "you want my wallet?" or "do I know you?" Your attacker has to think for a second to come up with an answer to respond, and before he can open his mouth to answer, you strike hard and fast.

ChaosBloom says:

I prefer to hit first.

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