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How To Start In Self Defense – Jocko Willink & Tim Kennedy

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Matt J. Owens says:

I actually got my start in Shuri Ryu Karate last year. Its an Okinawan striking form of self defense. Started it at 39 years old and am 40 years old. After about 6 years I would like to move on to old school wrestling or Jiu Jitsu, whichever is available to me.

R.A. Hailstorm says:

I have to ask why do you condone running? I get trying to de escalate the situation to get out of it without fighting but if you decide to run from the potential attacker you are directly pitting your fitness v their fitness already, not to mention turning your back on them. Could you provide some further insight on this stance?

Jason Gnr fan says:

Krav Maga is not a martial art but there are a tone of reality based self defence combatives training methods out there

FlashyLight says:

I wanted to get started with systema

Peruvianbean 1 says:

I would love to know what these guys think about silat?

Michel vachon says:

Better defense is to run or a gun or just pepper spray them. Then I would pick wrestling 99% of the time. Jiu-jitsu gyms a re so faking chill. They rarely go balls to the wall. It’s chill like potheads. Wrestling is all about the grind, the battle off the will, never give up. Gyms are hot, uncomfortable.its more a warrior attitude.

The vast majority of peoples will never ever have the guts to break someone’s arm and you won’t be able to choke him or immobilized.

Just pick him up smash him on the concrete . If he pops back up do it again. He will not get up after 2 times kissing the concrete.

A wrestler cannot finish the best jiu-jitsu jitsu guys with their rules but put them in a cage without rules and the wrestlers will smash you senseless at will. Nothing you can do. In real life if I put you on the ground, fuck the rules I will smash you non stop. Your choke won’t matters because in real life they are no rules.

Going down like jiu-jitsu in the streets is inviting another guy to sucker punch you and maul you

The Money Trail says:

Any suggestions for starting in BJJ during covid with all gyms closed?

FireEagle Fitness &Martial Arts says:

The big 4 of practical combat and martial arts. And use the others after that to augment them, as jocko says.

Andy says:

Video could’ve ended in the first 30 seconds.

Asking the question as a “non-fighter” is the equivalent of “how can I live in a bubble of fantasy, ignoring everything around me but if they don’t ignore me, there’s a magic spell that makes it go away without me having to acknowledge it?”

A Z says:

The Gods have spoken!!!!!

Mad V says:

One important thing to considarate is, will i be able to make this technique or will this training will be usefull if I am tired, sick or just not in my prime.

J Hemlock says:

That first step, change your mind set, is the hardest for people brought up in today's "violence is bad" society. The physical part is easy, you can train your body as much as you like, but if you haven't trained your mind to be triggered to unleash overwhelming violence on the strength of one little sniff of a threat, then you will freeze or panic or try to negotiate, delay… once you train that trigger and you've tested it and you know it works, then you are able to use the physical skills and these moments get a lot easier, but this is hard to teach others…

Ian Spooner says:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

alex3wielki says:

Not anything is better than nothing. If you get shit self defense, you'll be convinced you know what you're doing and get killed while being cocky. Just go with MMA

Luis Dawnfinder says:

"Good thing about America there's all these places to train!"…..they're all closed right now 🙁

Edward Glenn says:

Best self protection martial arts could be a selection of sports based martial arts? Or maybe it’s best to choose a holistic self protection/reality based system?

niva zero says:

why are they so angry? did someone try to kill the president again?

Mister Ellis says:

Jocko—I assume you learned the “big 4” as a SEAL…If you ever got into a close quarters fight, how did you decide which style of fighting to use, or did you know them all so well that you could reach for whatever technique you needed at the time, regardless of the style?

MrFredstt says:

How to train though when everything is closed down and they will probably do another lockdown?

christian garcia says:

I want to get into BJJ extremely bad but im a little lost how do i know what studio is real deal and which one isnt so legit? also now with the quarantine is their any way i can self teach some moves atleast

Jeff Doyle says:

If you meet Jocko in a dark alley, you'll need all of the above and another Jocko.

Alex D says:

Get warrior poet on here too!

Hvy Duty says:

No BJJ and Muay Thai where I live…..

Hvy Duty says:

There was no BJJ when I started…. you either had Japanese or Korean martial arts that was it, then your next step was wrestling or boxing

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