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How to knock out the big guy. Street Fighter. Self defence.#selfdefence #powerpunch #boxingtraining


@user-dv4dn1cd7f says:


@richardpuentes2935 says:

Yes a dummy doesn't hit back like Bruce Lee said boards don't hit back

@seanroberts7695 says:

That dude is not healthy. He’s real unhealthy.

@ChristopherTimny-se4pk says:

Technique on point!!

@bartsimpson8616 says:

Valentyn , please show us those moves on Chernobrovkin or at Dacik ,
This do not work even on Ruki Bazuki

@BaveRa228 says:

Удар у него конечно огонь

@I.P.Freely-xn9vf says:

Gnuck gnuck gnuck. HEY MOE!

@petematipid2211 says:

This is a video of suckerpunch tutorial

@ejc8017 says:

First you break all your fingers then cry

@lou.1510 says:

Too close my bro. I can easily use an edged weapon.

@user-ut2xn4eb5e says:

Se me hace mucha violencia mi compa

@rlmitch3 says:

This guy is so lame

@marcobetancourt6461 says:

They are ridiculesshit doesn’t go that way

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