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How to Escape a Bear Hug | Self-Defense

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Dennis I. Siglos Jr. says:

i think this is “HOW TO FUCK A NEGRA”

Felipe Junior says:

3rd !!

@XPerience4Real says:

How to impose a dry hump while making people think your teaching a bear hug

Mac Fly says:


Fanta Kouyate says:


Tommy Jensen says:


Amirul Rasyid says:


BBBDubb says:

I didn’t stalk you. Stalking would imply I creep on you to find out where
you live and kidnap or rape you – which I would never do. You went on my
profile, does that mean you’re a stalker? You haven’t won any argument. As
a matter of fact, there never was an argument. I was always right.

ahmd ehab says:


genin69 says:

hmmm.. 6666 views..

heyitsmejason1 says:

He doesn’t look like a bear

lykaaboss says:

dude, why bother replying?..

EpikBrosif says:


lykaaboss says:

your dummer than me.. You keep replying even tho i already won this
argument.. You had the courage to click on my account and stalk me.. which
mean you’re desperate for a comeback :p OHHHHHHHHHH what now..

musica del mar says:

very helping !! thank you

BBBDubb says:

What? You make no sense. Seriously, just shut up.

rcuartas says:

that foot stom doesn’t hurt at all even if it was with high heels

Noplay says:

nice, nicee, niceee.

lykaaboss says:

wuuut?.. WUT?.. LOL WUT? Hey, Look.. Thank you for complementing me and
tryring your best to prove a point.. But, WTF are you saying? LOLAnd dude,
your fucking hilariousXD You asked me a question on and i just shit
my pants. anyways, yeh i agree i have bad grammar.. but dude, for the 3rd
time i speak 5 languages.. I have a reason, and you dont.. so, you dont
need to be soo mean about it.. <3 In this GENERATION. We can what ever we
want.. not like your generation with full of depression

BBBDubb says:

I’m not insulting you. I’m just saying, your English sucks. Okay, maybe I
am insulting you a little bit. And I wasn’t at all offended by you using
the made-up word “elderlies”, because I am not a part of the *ELDERLY.
Since you’re good looking, you’re probably used to guys sucking up to you
saying whatever they can to get into your pants (yes, they’re doing it to
get into your pants). I, however, have 99 problems but a [girl] ain’t one.

ArkaStevey says:

0:45 I bet he enjoyed that

BBBDubb says:

…are you one of those ‘Swag-fags’? Based on what *YOU’RE* saying, *YOUR*
generation can be as ignorant and illiterate as they want because my
generation (born in 1994) is “full of depression”. What a dumb thing to

Vegetarians eat Poop says:

Oh man… Then I’ll just have to dislike it… sorry.. 🙂

Michael Sim says:

i’m sure thats not my groin.

TranscendingPolygons says:

THESE ARE AWFUL TACTICS. Look elsewhere seriously.

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