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How to defend yourself from a bully Self-Defense | Techniques #6

How to defend yourself from a bully Self-Defense | Techniques #6 50% OFF… but don’t wait! Click here for all the nitty gritty: Oh, before I forget, “Bullying Leads to ‘Terrible, Terrible Things” People love my Wing Chun Course! because it helps you Overcome bullying, Self-confidence, and self-awareness. Now Today you can get it for 50% OFF… but don’t wait! Click here for all the nitty gritty: FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL FACEBOOK ► Instagram ► Twitter ► T-Shirt ► ~ About Master Wong ~ Master Wong never had an easy life through childhood. Being bully from and a young age till his late teens, Master Wong has overcome this problem by changing his mindset which you’ll read in this book. ►


Alvin Daughtry says:

Master Wong is teaching techniques that have been used in martial arts for hundreds of yrs. Then a bar brawler says they don't work and everybody believes it.

Rebecca Rea says:

Is every one who comments here really that much better than Master Wong? If you are not then you are what you are accusing Master Wong of being. Can you your self even beat Master Wong? Think ! Would you really attack him with confidence? Do you think you could do that and just walk away laughing with Master Wong laying there unconscious ? Really ?

NWSCA says:

You are a better actor, than a martial artist. You should stop pretending like you know martial arts, and just start acting for a living lol

Rebecca Rea says:

I was taught JKD and Kail from one of Dan Inosanto's students…Steve F. Master Wong is doing the same things I was taught. He is not a fake. Look at Dan Inosanto's trapping videos' and you will see Wong doing same thing. Wong is teaching concepts you have to addapt to the situation through sensitiveity training. He is showing concepts you can learn from. You wont be doing it exactly the ssme way. Wong can not teach sensitiviy on video. If you don't like Wong's stuff , you might not understand it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Wong's training videos. I have studied for over 30 yrs. Look at Dan Inosantos stuff , then look at Wong. Same ideas'. Look up who Dan Inosanto is. Deside for your self.

Ry Wood says:

What sport is this called the he does

Resen Pillay says:

Thanks you for all you training

Shunmugam Ganashan says:

Master thank you

Qalbe Hassan says:

people's from London should learn how to defend yourself from stabbing

selectivehear says:

Is this all wing chun ?

NWSCA says:

If he swore less, and actually fought more, he wouldn't have so many followers lol

NWSCA says:

Foul Mouthed Wong is a bully. And a liar.

Hepsima says:

"Dont do it like this, cause you are going to move like YO YO"😂😂😂

Mister Opera says:

I heard Ramsey Dewey is a bully

Hasni BruceLEE n2 7 says:

Amazing skills master.god complet….

Susan Lavoie says:

how do you fight someone who no how to fight.

Ethan Penrod says:

To everyone saying that Wong is a coward, needs to consider this…

Do you think Bruce Lee would accept the challenge of a petty punk, just for kicks? No… That's not what martial arts is about..

TMAN chakoma says:

what if he grab you using one hand while the other one punches

Ted chan says:

Ramsey is going to fucking kill you, can’t wait!

Dermotius says:

Master Wong is the kinda guy that I watch seriously I got almost kidnap like 2 days ago , it was a choke and as you expected I follow master Wong's moves and shit I got out like damn what I learned is to stay calm thank you man u saved my money and live dude damn

Ayush Anand says:

Master wong i was wondering if you have a application where all your self defense techniques are in a one place

El Chupenibro says:

Who is the masochistic frodo guy with the nut grabber eye poker wong? Just love his facial expressions. He has no self esteem.

Fadel Bkaili says:

Ur the master. Ur my idole 🔥


Master wong can you make a video on how to protect yourself from more than one attacker please

Ah doon fookin kehh says:

What the fuck is even this? dude, i'd love to do a sparring session with you so i could choke the shit out of your soul

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