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Houston Restaurant Robbed By Multiple Attackers With Rifles

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DroSNova says:

Why you need an ar15 with 30 round mags

Fuck Google says:

bet they are cops

Edgar Rosendo dela Cruz says:

What do you do in this instance? Domestic altercation between an off duty cop's daughter and a victim in front of victim's house. Man in black is the cop. Victims are mother and son.

Jimmy Hopson says:

Bunch of dummies.

Veer Chasm says:

“You got a gun, I got a gun, EVERYBODY’S GOT GUNS”

j B says:

And once people are breaking in start fucking shooting. No ones walking through a door if gun fire is going on.

Emmanuel Montperous says:

Democrats:You Don't Need more than 10 bullets…
People with common sense and actual logic: shows them this vid

Anders Malmgren says:

Don't think carry would help much against 8 dudes with firearms, you would probably end up dead.

T. Rose says:

8 guys split a 4000 dollar haul should have waited till covid was over, didn't they know they had seating limitations.

Chauncey Chappelle says:

None of them has on gloves it's seens.

59alpha , says:

Hmm wonder if cops took prints off of the pool stick?? Smh

mark two says:

A good guy with a handgun in this situation against these guys with AR-7 rifle are probably not a good ideal. You might as well not trying to even use it.

Manú says:

Gun reform laws. Why do such people have guns ???

Karam Singh says:

Carrying here would not help . You are f ed

Maesterful says:

How the hell do guys like this get away with wandering casually around with rifles in the first place? It looks easier to get weapons than umbrellas there!

Jose Gutierrez says:

This is so stupid. Houston Texas? WTF?

Anon Anonme says:

Stinks if gang cartel

FADE2BLACK731 says:

Gang. Either stolen gun's or new gun buyer's in the wrong hands. Smh…

NWBackcountry says:

Good thing they aren't smart enough to wear gloves.

Jack Public says:

A lot more of this stuff going on recently!

Serge Omelayenko says:

There were so many of em, If they split the profit, they got 2 dollars each :p

cthulhu X says:

How nobody heard those shots and called police?

VUNIT82 says:

8 guys, 1 pair of gloves! how’s that work??? 🤔 🧐 🤨

Undead ZOM813 says:

Damn John Wick would've sent these guys to the underworld.

anibalzen says:

Imagine…..the day we could go to work with an AR strapped to the shoulder ???

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