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Houston Man Confronted Outside Home By Carjackers

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@johnleonidas8285 says:

Hmm, it’s almost like the FBI stats on crime reflect this type of activity.

Color me surprised. 😑

@user-dw1ls3rp1l says:

Unfortunately he lives across the street from a busy commercial area. Lots of eyes on the house all day long, more chance a dirtbag posse will notice. I don't think I would leave my garage door up in that location. It might be worth spending a bit more for a house on a quieter street.

@damiansplayroom4943 says:

Tha k you John castro

@cortez1638 says:

Once they get 💀 the mom is going to bring out the 2nd grade pictures out and say “they were good boys”

@txit2318 says:

Who filmed them running down the road after???

@tryagain76 says:

The moron was the man who dumped his trash and didn’t have his gun on him.

@aftaflash says:

Raid for cockroaches, _____for ninjas.

@1990325is says:

He lost his peace of mind

@ErickaC-mc7vg says:

They appear to be exactly what we would expect them to be, the usual. A real shocker.

@Nowhere888 says:

I don't walk out my front door without my sidearm. I was sitting on my front lawn grilling dinner and was confronted by a trespasser. Never again.

@TrpleAgnt2011 says:

He lost his peace of mind, he lost a great deal.

@rainesorrow1986 says:

How else are they gonna fund themselves becoming a lawyer, a doctor, a contributor to their community?

@elpapi4899 says:

Lebron says they were good young boys and needed a ride to buy some food for their momma

@SG-dw8jh says:

Just don’t buy American made cars you’ll be safe. They don’t like Toyotas that’s for sure 😂

@robertballesteros1187 says:

i dont mow the lawn without being armed, and im not anywhere near any place such as houston, but you never know and must always be prepared. i refuse to be a statistic……..

@shilohenry5481 says:

Watched him followed him home from the store

@shilohenry5481 says:

That's crazy

@shilohenry5481 says:

Like that female you Saw she could've been on it like that G

@retha1875 says:

Why is he in Houston and NOT armed?

@JTravianDTeriusJacksonIV says:

Most of em in houtx are DFs.

@morganstridsberg6723 says:

Im moving to Huston.

@tgirard123 says:

What do you suppose are the odds of some guy coming up to you in your garage and ripping you off in your neighborhood in your lifetime? A thousand to one? A million to one? For those of us who don't have a firearm is it more likely? I'm talking strictly in normal suburbia where the crime rate is extremely low. Not in some crime-ridden area. This guy looks like he's in a normal suburban area which makes it incredibly odd in my opinion. I haven't seen a lot of these kinds of robberies on ASP. I'm not including the motorcycle robbers in Brazil or other third world countries

@greeceuranusputin says:

…and another person decides that gentrification might not be so bad.

@inn8self says:

a white man calling robbers "bro" 😂😂😂 he's not your bro😂

@Lycan683 says:

Why cover their faces? They all look alike anyways..

@matthoskin3572 says:

Another reason not to live in America.

@justinedwards7693 says:

The only people who go unarmed in Texas are felons and people who CHOOSE to be unarmed. The former has certain circumstances the latter has become fine with being prey.

@gene8675 says:

Ooggaa booggaa

@bigboymcdaniel7183 says:

He turns his back on the robber and heads toward the house and i thought he was gonna take a round in the back 😮

@willbedford8381 says:

It's really sad to see the bad guys get away, even without anything. They needed to be taught a lesson

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