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Headbutting Cyclist Still On The Loose

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Angel Alvarado says:

They doesn’t know earth is flat no more violence we’ve been bamboozle

Daryl Pettiford says:

He should’ve kept walking

Samantha Sanchez says:

I'm here to learn how to COVER MY ASS…

J Nano says:

If he said “I’m sorry man my bad” he will continue to headbutt people as he is entitled to, if he stands up for himself maybe he’ll make the aggressor reflect on it

K C says:

When is the guy on the bike not a jerk? They don't pay road tax and act like they own it. GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Daryl V. says:

Airstrip One at it again =/

Gyro says:

London can be a bitch that’s why I always cc when I go there, I would have put lead in that guys head

TheXtro101 says:

I'm imagining John narrating this edition of ASP in a British-Posh accent.

Justin T says:

This is a great lesson

J. Dean says:

We need headbutt control legislation! That will solve everything!

James Thornton says:

no apologies here the man in the suit clearly hit the cyclist first regardless of what the cyclist was doing so therefore the man clearly should be prepared to defend himself struck first

Cameron fielder says:

When someone gets in close you have to drop your chin, maintain distance and keep a peripheral view of their hands. When someone gets this close they are too close to do anything but head butt or grapple affectively. A forehead or top of someone’s head is incredibly hard, drops your chin and go forehead to forehead- headache or concussion for both parties, but you won’t get knocked down and he’ll be in the same boat. Ultimately keep some distance with your arms out. Make them push your arms away. At this point you can legally beat the fuck out of them, so do so.

Karl Harris says:

I’m a Londoner and a lot of Cyclists are fucking scum here. I’m looking out for this prick.

vwr32jeep says:

“… the guy on the bike was a jerk…”

All guys on bikes are jerks. Bicycles are like douche bag magnets.

vwr32jeep says:

“… the guy on the bike was a jerk…”

All guys on bikes are jerks. Bicycles are like douche bag magnets.

Licensed and insured says:

What a horrible human .

Pothead Mike says:

Seen headbutt in the title, knew it was from England.

xDiamondAsh says:

What an entitled butthead.

Archie Darcy says:

Self defense is illegal in the UK. Democrats are trying the same tactics in the US.

Sal Fun says:

London kiss my ass

Sal Fun says:

When they get in your space the elbow to his face will let him know hes not welcome .

Andy M says:

This was an elaborate set up. The guys are room mates. Dude in the suit just wanted to get a date with the blonde. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. #teamwork.

lol XD says:

The American police would have laid him out cold

Timinator says:

I've seen many videos of people on bikes in England who get fired up so easily; just take a chill-pill English bikers!

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