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He Really Thinks He Can Claim Self Defense

#truecrime #Interrogation This Video Is For Educational Purposes. It is meant to show the psychology behind how police interact with suspects to try and get their confession. In this jcs inspired true crime documentary, we take a look at the interrogation of two wannabe gangster who get a reality check. Channel Disclaimer: All assumptions of mental health diagnosis are just that, assumptions. We are providing theories of possible mental health issues based on what little evidence we have available. Also, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Information in our videos is all public record and we do not assume someone is guilty or innocent.


Red Tree Stories says:

So close to 100k subscribers. If you believe this channel deserves a subscription, this is a thank you in advance.

Tony DeGregorio says:

No more lawyer comments, please please please! 🙏 No more. No more. No more lawyer comments. Again, no more lawyer comments.

#7 says:

The cop in the blue is a disgrace. He made it sound like the victims were the aggressors when the man who lost his life shouldn’t have been trying to fight in the first place

#7 says:

If he had let his attorney do the talking he would’ve beat this case 💯

Morriwal says:

You shouldn't commit crimes if you're a not smart 😂

TRUNKS says:

when they pause & discuss tactics is always funny to me bc sometimes there aint no real reason behind things

Jay Locke says:

I'm sorry, but I can't understand this language 🙄. Is it Australian?

Pumpkin Row says:

Watching these really shows that you should never speak to coproaches, since they'll nail you for anything and everything they can, at every opportunity, for promotions and bonuses. These interrogators are so deliberately obtuse.

BobbyP20 says:

Of course the items were stolen. If they weren’t black I’d assume they purchased the items legally, but it’s too good to be true.

Toastinator says:

Education is IMPORTANT People. Imagine being killed by someone who doesn't even know how to say GLOCK. Embarrassing.

NC-94-Extra says:

dude was only a gun owner for 5minutes when he took his friends gun and already used it, the best gun owners are ones that owned guns for many years, before even owning a real gun. my best advice is start with a big pellet gun, and own a gun for many years before you go around with the real thing like a 9mm, it does go to ur head very quick so start defending handicapped parking spots, and get locked up, and carry a pepper spray, own a pellet gun for 5 years, real gun after youve graduated. and no one carryies a big rifle pellet gun, you keep them at home where you have castle docterine, where your way more covered legally, in actually using it. i dont even carry a gun for people, i carry it for animals like bears and deer, and just self defense, not to kill people, to STOP the threat, in legal terms.

Christian Martin says:

I honestly do feel like this is self defense. He took the gun because he was nervous and if Joe got the gun from him he was going to die. The guy is bigger than him as well. He’s seems like he’s telling the truth and being cooperative and turned himself in. He seems genuinely confused that they don’t understand. Im a white man that voted for Trump and conceal carries everyday and I think they just think he’s a criminal, which even if he was so what? He should have gotten a lawyer from the start and at least get to the truth that way. The way they trick people into not getting a lawyer is criminal in and of itself. Maybe he’s guilty maybe he’s not but I don’t think manipulating a person that’s been through a crazy experience is the way to deal with it.

Karel Broda says:

Trying to discuss issues with someone with IQ below 70 is a waste of time.

Rude Whipz says:

They’re cooking his A** he should’ve kept his mouth shut

Rude Whipz says:

He done f**ked up smh

Karel Broda says:

This criminal’s logic and arguments (lies) are that of a third-grade’s child. “They” need help from mental institutions.

Josh Taylor says:

I believe this interrogation wouldve gone smoother had there been a different detective. The female detective did great, but her partner messed up the whole rapport…

Terry Flowers says:

Dead dude really thought he was just going to take this man clothes

James 87 says:

Its crazy so many comments think the police are the ones in the wrong here. They 1000% told this man he didn't have to speak without a lawyer . they stole all that shit from the mall, then stole from eachother then killed his friend for stealing . This man belongs in prison because he can't control his emotions.smfh y'all weird defending him

Le Moyne Reine says:

A real idiot right here. He should have lawyered up!

i.amsimplyval says:


the real JB82 says:

Imma take a wild guess and say this guy never got past the 4th grade. It's actually painful to listen to this idiot speak and I think my IQ went down 20 points by time this video ended!!

Elizabeth Gaspodnetich says:

I sort of a feel sorry for this kid because he is having trouble articulating his story. It is sad to see a young man looking down the barrel of a life in prison over something as stupid as the events of that fateful night.

Marcel freethinker says:

was a threat because he was a big mother fucker got it?

Justin Guerrant says:

That leg shaking tells u everything you need to know

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