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Good Samaritan Loses Everything In Third Party Encounter

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I hope both those assholes get life

SlightlyRandom says:

That’s so evil! Some guy who didn’t do anything and you would 1 shoot him but then run back and shoot him again??? That’s horrible. Can’t believe people exist like this in this world.

J B says:

These guys should be given the death penalty.

Musty Taylor says:

What a waste of life for both!

D B says:

He wanted to get involved. Oh well.

Jordan Williams Jr says:

Did these guys get caught?

Robert N says:

16 year old should get the chair.

Cameron Lunday says:

Wow how is that dude going to just run off and leave that man that stepped in and helped him. What a sorry POS!! The second I would of seen him reaching for something or for his waist band I would of rushed him.

Johan Larsson says:

That's a cowardly act even by gang standards.

Esteban Rodriguez says:

Anybody advocating against him trying to diffuse the situation has it completely wrong. There's not enough people like that in this world. The moral of the story needs to change from "be a good for nothing bystandard and just watch" to "rest in peace to this hero"

Jimmy Iggy says:

These two POS Animals deserve nothing less than life with no parole.

Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller says:

stay armed folks.. and ya they gana do life for that! if they look like they would have a stolen firearm! chances are they got one

Mark Everson says:

What a bunch of murder in Coward punks

Cameron Fielder says:

Fucking cowards. The first shot of video got their faces good so they are screwed. Easy conviction on blatant 1st degree murder

DragonHammer4 says:

It looks like the guy that was shot was the target.

Alexander Fish says:

That's why I am a big believer in the death penalty. I say 16 is old enough if you just took a man's life.

Aaron Moon says:

I was in a similar incident a while back. I was pulling up to the barbershop when I seen a guy and a young lady fighting. I assumed they were a couple because of some of the things they were saying to each other. The fight was getting physical and I was going to step in but then a noticed another guy who was very close to the couple. For some reason, I thought he knew both of them. He wasn't trying to break them up. This was way before I had my CCW. But even if I did have one, I wasn't about to get involved. It just seemed like a setup to me. I felt if I had stepped in, they all would have turned on me. It just didn't seem right.

Chris Childers says:

The lord works in mysterious ways

iSUK iStraightUpKill says:

Fucking pussy gonna pull out a gun! I hope those two men get killed horrifically!

Brandon Gillan says:

I hope those punks go to jail It makes me so mad to see people killing people when it's not a self Defense encounter I don't know what people think they have to prove Now another man has died in won't be able to be a dad or husband Even though nobody listens to what anybody says anymore It's all about street status

mista dont play says:

Kinda makes you think twice about stepping in other people business but my thing was the guy they wanted ran and never thought about the one who sacrificed his life

stevie yanks says:

Rule of them is never intervene in third party disputes. Only possible exception is defenseless children.

Holden McGroin says:

How could a 16yo have a gun in California? That's illegal.

K Digiacomo says:

Strangest part about this channel is in the comment section where people are just quoting other people's comments and oddly movie quotes. Because reality is definitely defined by Hollywood.
*You can't say anything on your own so you have to speak like someone else?

mqmoreno23 says:

what a coward move

Kon Rose says:

Throw that trash to the wolves. No jail, no court, no wasted tax payer money.

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