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Freedom Fighter Friday #5 – Self Defense Stories

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In this video we discuss self defense stories by armed civilians.

Armed Jurupa Valley homeowner stops burglary suspect, officials say; San Bernardino man arrested


smcombs100 says:

Wow, Sterling Heights Michigan is a neighboring town to mine. Good for her for carrying her firearm!

Jason Besse says:

The armed robber they was shot in the head occurred in East Chicago,IN. It's next to Gary. Both areas are shit holes. Putting The Region on the map

scottn96 says:

Nice thumbnail! I look forward to this video every week now. Thank you

Tom Olofsson says:

Always good to hear about the Freedom Fighter Friday victors.

jmvmike says:

Love your videos sir.
Merry Christmas yโ€™all

galamonkey says:

Wish that lady in the last story would have killed the guy. Shame he's probably going to do it to someone else now.

Conor'I get wobbly when fatigued' Mctapper says:

I love story time.

Oregon Outback says:

First story : Korean War veteran with pistol under his pillow … gotta love that .. !! How much you wanna bet it was a 1911? Great stories today, Billy. Thanks.

ScrewYouTwice says:

These Freedom Friday videos are the absolute best. The presentation is raw, open and honest I never miss this video on Friday. "Smokes one, than has a possible"

Chooch says:

Agreed! From the unconstitutional state of Maryland.

TacticalCanner says:

With this series, I give a thumbs up first thing and am always happy I did at the end of the video.

Greg Reeser says:

My Friday morning is now complete, I'm ready for work! Good set.

Chad Jordan says:

Skin suits lol…

Chad Jordan says:

Is that a Noveske shirt i spy.

Heath Marcum says:

A report out of Michigan, groups of men kidnapping woman and children from shopping plazas, then sending them into human trafficking to never be heard of again. Supposedly this is very rampant in Michigan.. always be on alert ๐Ÿšจ

G Sligo says:

"…that dude's making skin suits in the basement…"

Tony Westin says:

I am in Chicago. I carry where I can. Love the gun control ๐Ÿ˜‰ —-NOT!

Don't Tread On Peewee says:

"Skin suits in the basement" line got me lol

Leethal W says:

This is the best part of waking up on Friday!

ARenaissanceishMan says:

lmao I love this series

Sub MOA says:

I love Freedom Friday!

Bill Terry says:

Freedom Friday love it.
I love how the media in shitcago always have to say gun violence instead of gang or criminal violence. Like guns are just walking around shooting people. But that's liberal land for you.

Stephen Maddaloni says:

Nashville Tennessee. BOUNCER throws out drunk. Drunk gets a gun from his car. Unloads at the BOUNCER. BOUNCER shots and kills drunk. BOUNCER is Charged. Your not aloud to Defend yourself in Nashville Tennessee.

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